Stress Management Workshop By Kashmira Shaw Raj

Stress Management Workshop By Kashmira Shaw Raj


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About The Event

Any pressure or tension faced by a person in any area of life can be termed as stress. Stress can rear its head at any time in one’s life. If one is not able to deal with stress in a favorable manner, an imbalance and disharmony is experienced by the person. Either that particular area of life 
where stress plays a role will be affected or other areas of life also get included. One has to learn ways to deal with any stress in order to ensure that other areas of life are not affected. Stress Management refers to means and ways to manage stress in order to have a minimal impact on one’s life. 

Stress Management comprises of various intervention methods that improve a person’s reaction to the stress faced. These methods and techniques will make a person more in control and in charge of a situation so that there is a better way to deal with the stress. The emotional reaction to stress can be reduced which can lead to a more positive frame of mind. Stress has known to affect the physical body as well. Learning to handle stress in a positive manner will minimize its negative effects on the physical body. Common symptoms like acidity, heart burns, fevers and even chest pains and heart attacks in extreme cases can be avoided.

This workshop comprises of:

1. Intervention strategies that can be used to understand the process of stress.

2. Ways to remove the fear that stress brings in and befriend stress.

3. Understanding laws of attraction.

4. Visualization techniques leading to a positive frame of mind.

5. Meditation techniques to calm an agitated and distressed mind.

6. Learning to give importance to self.

Benefits of doing this workshop:

1. Adapting to challenging situations in one’s life and overcoming them.

2. Learning new visualization techniques.

3. Strengthening the inner mind.

4. Understand positive effective thinking.

5. Acceptance to love one’s self.

Duration of workshop : 2 hours Cost: 2000

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