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Join our meetup group to avail 20% discount:

Strategy is the father of planning and the mother of execution! Having no strategy for your business is akin to fighting the war without knowing your enemy. Most of the startup founders fail in articulating their business strategy in less than 50 words. As a founder if you can’t, how can your co-founders and key employees can practice the strategy to align the resources? How can you drive the culture and behavior of your teams without a clear statement of purpose? How can you convince potential investors without decoding the secret sauce for value creation? Strategy is neither a buzzword nor jargon but was, is and will be the life-blood of your startup to help it survive the battle of competition.

Strategy Marathon is one of its kind initiatives from Factoryal to empower the early-stage founders like you in formulating the right strategy for your dream start-up. Our mentor(s) will help you discover and navigate your path to create value with the help of our hands-on workshop, honest feedback and subsequent 1-to-1 mentoring sessions to unravel 50 words strategy for your start-up. Factoryal welcomes all the potential runners like you to join this marathon and conquer the race.


//To formulate business strategy //To gain competitive advantage //Value creation strategy //To communicate shared belief //To set a vision and direction //To build capabilities and resources


The format of this marathon is a combination of an intense workshop followed by 1-to-1 mentoring hours to help you take the control of your start-up and its journey ahead being a visionary leader:

1 Workshop

  1. Registrations [30 Mins]
  2. What is strategy? [15 Mins]
  3. Quick read of a mini case study [30 Mins]
  4. Deliberations/Brainstorming on case study [30 Mins]
  5. Identify the building blocks of strategy [30 Mins]
  6. Decode the strategy for your start-up [30 Mins]
  7. Validation and candid feedback on your strategy [30 Mins]
  8. Huddle and Wrap-up (15 Mins)

4 Mentoring Hours

  1. 1-on-1 mentoring to help you articulate and improve your intended strategy
  2. Monthly review of its progress to map the emergent strategy
  3. Advice on communicating the strategy effectively throughout organization


Though no pre-requisites, it is highly recommended to articulate your thoughts well in advance to meet the timelines as per the agenda. You may be given selective articles, case studies or brain-teasers in prior which may have nothing to do with the workshop but may help you stimulate your thought process.


This valuable exercise can be of immense value to early-stage founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are keen to validate their business strategy and wannapreneurs who are at the verge of applying to any accelerator and incubator programs.


Factoryal is founded by Ram.Nutakki, a seasoned management consultant and first-generation entrepreneur with 15 years of professional & entrepreneurial experience. He is the Founder of YNew, India’s first re-commerce and aftermarket Services Company for computing devices established in 2012. Prior to his entrepreneurial stint, Ram worked as a consultant, advisor and mentor with prominent startups in Hyderabad ecosystem namely MartJack, PayNear, MeraEvents, and other startups, entrepreneurs and angel investors in diverse sectors. His experience traverse across diverse industries (Internet, Mobile, Retail, E-Commerce, Financial Services and Education/Training) and cross-functional experience made him a successful strategist, tactician and marketer.


Factoryal is an emerging business incubator with a key focus on skill and competency development for professionals and entrepreneurs through management tools, workshops, skill development programs, competency boot camps and apprenticeship programs. We aim to mentor entrepreneurial capabilities among first-generation entrepreneurs and to build skills & competencies specializing in most in-demand careers pertaining to digital marketing, e-commerce and technology sales. We strive to foster a flourishing community of entrepreneurs and professionals to chase their dreams and passion while striving to contribute for India to achieve its missions of Skill India and Startup India.



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