STORM: Scientific Training on Reptile management

STORM: Scientific Training on Reptile management


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About The Event

STORM: Scientific Training on Reptile management (Module B)

Captive Management of Reptiles - [20th to 22nd December 2013]


STORM - Scientific Training on Reptile Management, a pioneering initiative by the K?linga Centre for Rainforest Ecology is aimed at all those people who have taken the leap from abhorring reptiles to understanding and learning to co-exist with them. Be it novice snake rescuers, students, enthusiasts who would like to hone their knowledge or others who want to learn right and ethical methods of handling them, this comprehensive tri-series workshop is an open door to learning about reptiles.

Research Methodologies (Module B):

What is this workshop about?

This workshop at the K?linga Centre for Rainforest Ecology, Agumbe focuses on scientific methods of studying snakes in the wild. The Western Ghats with over 225 (i.e. 12%) endemic reptiles is rich in herpetofauna and Agumbe considered as the homeland of King Cobras offers a platform to comprehend the importance and role of reptiles in our ecosystem. Starting with an introduction of this unique reptile habitat, adaptations, interdependence and co-existence participants learn different sampling techniques, methods of surveys, data collection, and photo-taxonomy.  


Sampling methods 
- Snakes of Agumbe
- Night trails
- Reptile habitats
- Photo-taxonomy
- Session - King cobra ecology
- Quiz on Snakes.

Who can attend?


Anybody who has completed STORM (Module A) Workshop on Rescue and Relocation of Snakes.


K?linga Centre for Rainforest Ecology, Agumbe 

Reporting time: 9AM on 20th, December 
Ending time: Workshop ends at 7:30 PM on 22nd, December

Who is conducting the workshop?

Gowri Shankar:

Gowri Shankar has been involved with reptiles for more than a decade and has worked at some of the premier reptile conservation centers in India. He honed his skills in captive management of snakes at the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust/ Center for herpetology and has also authored several peer reviewed papers.  He has been studying king cobras in the wild for the last six years. He is an authority on the ecology of king cobras and has been featured in several wildlife documentaries the ‘King and I’, ‘Secrets of the King Cobra ‘, ‘Asia’s Deadliest Snake’, and ‘Wildest India’ by BBC, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild and Discovery Channel respectively.
More about Gowri at :  
Facebook page:


K?linga Centre for Rainforest Ecology:

"Water, air, soil, fire and life we are all linked! The Agumbe rainforests of the Western Ghats is a precious gift of life to South India. A biodiversity hot spot, it holds within its folds a world of new science yet to be explored. As Tiger is for mainland the flagship of the reptilian world in these forests is undoubtedly the King Cobra (Opiophagus hannah), colloquially known as K?linga!
Our focus at the K?linga Centre for Rainforest Ecology is to open doors of opportunity to people from varied backgrounds to learn scientific tools of conservation through workshops and camps. We aim to empower different target groups with right knowledge"

Participation Fees: Rs.7500.00

Above charges includes: Tented accommodation on 20th to 22nd night, Food (food cycle starts with breakfast on 20th and ends with dinner on 22nd night), Education material and Activities, Certificate on completion of workshop.

Above charges does not include: Transport to and from Guddekere and other personal expenses

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