Stories@JusTrufs by Storywallahs

Stories@JusTrufs by Storywallahs


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About The Event

Gather around, gather around! 

Who doesn’t like to listen to stories? We all do!! 

We have all grown up on stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents and other elders in the family. They were the good old days when we would lie beside our aajis, and azoba, daadis, dadas, nanas or naanis as they took us on fantasy journeys with their tales.

Those were the stories that helped us learn some important lessons of our lives and played a very important role in making us the people we are as grown-ups. However, now, with technology invading our lives like never before, nuclear families and working parents overpowering the social set up, the art of story-telling has become rare. 

So let us re-live the moment revisit the age old tradition of telling and listening to stories.

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