Startup Brain Storming and Networking

Startup Brain Storming and Networking


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About The Event

Startup Brain Storming and Networking

Welcome to another exciting event on Startup Brain storming and networking.

1. Do you have an idea which is not validated?

2. Are you still confused on whats the next step in your entrepreneurship plan?

3. Are you a FREE-LANCER who wants to now become an entrepreneur?

For all your needs, this is the place you should be. Meet entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and see what they have for you.


Come prepared with:

1. One or many ideas to validate it

2. One big question that has been eating your head

3. Open attitude to give and accept feedback


Entry Rs. 100/- per guest

Timing: Post lunch 2/30 pm to 4/30 pm

Date: 10th September 2017

Venue: ELGO Learnings Pvt. Ltd. #1, 1st Main Road, Rayala Nagar, Ramapuram, Chennai. Close to DLF IT park. For Details contact: 9840510406

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