Starting Project Based training on Character device Driver

Starting Project Based training on Character device Driver


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About The Event

After This Module/Project is over, the trainee should be able to understand/implemtnt the following:-

  • understable device driver architecture for Linux
  • insert and register character device driver with the Linux Kernel
  • do complete initialization for the device driver
  • Implement the following operations on the character device driver
  • ​open. release, write, read, trim, lseek
  • Implement the following synchronization techniques on the simultanious operations on through the driver
  • semaphore, completion, spinlock, blockingIO, wait queues, file locks, seqlocks, capabilities
  • Implement advanced character device driver operations
  • IO using sequential files, IO control, software implemented filesystem - proc
  • Timing measurements, delays, timers, kernel threads
  • Interrupts: tasklets, shared queues, h/w and s/w interrupts, top and bottom halfs​

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