Professional Selling Skills and Stress Management Training Program

Professional Selling Skills and Stress Management Training Program


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About The Event

SELLING IS THE HIGHEST PAID JOB if you can overcome low self esteem and Fear of rejection.

Fear of rejection is the biggest obstacle in the success of our sales career.

You know very well 90% of Sales professionals are suffering from psychosomatic illness due to suppressed emotions such as anxiety, fear, conflict, resentment and tension. Research shows that chronic emotional tension causes symptoms such as headache, arthritis, hypertension including cancer. Doctors treat the symptom, not the cause.

Psycho mean 'mind' and 'soma' means 'body'. The illness you are facing now mostly came from mind due to suppressed emotions such as  anxiety, fear, conflict, resentment and tension. 

When we don't accept the present- regrets, anxieties, worries keep replaying unpleasant scenarios in our minds which create neuromuscular tensions. Nearly all of us carry some degree of chronic tension, which rises and falls in the course of everyday life. Unexpressed emotion leads us to  physical stiffness and fatigue resulting in headaches, neck aches, sore lower back, chronic fatigue, muscle ache, back pain and reduces flexibility.

If you are serious to overcome your stress let's invest this Saturday for self to be happy, healthy and wealthy. The Ultimate Selling Skills Workshop

Let me ask you a question, 'Are you happy with your income as a sales professional and Business Owner?'

If you are serious about achieving your business goal, let's invest this Saturday in 'Successful Selling Skills Development Training Program'. 

Investment time in self growth is the best investment. 

Selling is all about converting big ‘NO’ to ‘YES’.

‘NO’ is the standard response in every sales proposal as our prospect does not know to what he/she is saying ‘no’. Therefore the first step in sales is to convert our prospect from ‘NO’ to ‘KNOW’

A professional doctor will ask a set of questions to patient. Know the patient’s problems and then only prescribe medicine and procedures to be followed to treat the patient and cure illness. We must imagine ourselves to be doctor in selling.

Similarly as a sales professional we must master the art of asking questions and listen with 100% attention to know our prospects. 

If you take the initiative to know your prospect, the prospect will also take the action of knowing you.

People are not interested in the product or services; everyone is interested in themselves. First you have to take interest to know your prospect. 

The most important aspect in selling is the art of asking questions and listening patiently to understand the client; so that we can provide the right solution to the client. Then ask for business and close the sale.

Confidence in you is essential to succeed in sales. Confidence of the organization depends on your confidence as you represent the organization. The prospect’s buying confidence will come from your confidence.

So let's cut to the point… 

Are you committed to develop self and achieve your sales target?

Let's meet this Saturday at 10 am to develop self. Are you up for the challenge?

Venue: LMA Leadership Centre, Hyderabad,  

Dhanajaya Chamber, 3rd Floor, opposite to Maitrivanam, Yousufguda Main Road, Near Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet, Next to Cafe Coffee Day , Metro Rail Pillar No.14, 

Please call Ph: 9515733436 if you have difficulty to locate venue


Note: Online Regstration is only Rs.1499/- otherwise, at the venue Rs.2000/-.

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