Sri Suktam Lakshmi Namavali  Sudarshana Kavach Maha Homam

Sri Suktam Lakshmi Namavali Sudarshana Kavach Maha Homam


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About The Event


This time to get Ultimate Sudarsana Kavaca as Protection along with 53 Mahalakshmi Nama integration for Ever-growing wealth

About Sri Suktha Namavali Sudarshana Kavaca Maha Homam :Sri Suktha Namavali Sudarshana Kavaca Maha Homam is a Powerful ritual which will bring immense fortune to the performer equal to the King. The joint worship of Sudarsana-Narasimha with Mahalakshmi is prescribed by both Paancharatra and Vaighanasa Agamams. That too performing the Sudarshana Kavacham integrated to 53 Mahalakshmi mantras will bring the whole world to the feet of the performer. Sri Suktha Namavali is 53 powerful Mahalakshmi mantras to be used in the rituals for winning the immediate grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Program Agenda:

    1.  Sri Suktha Namavali and Sudarsana Kavaca Manthra Japam with kara nyAsam , HrudhayAdhi nyAsam , DhyAanam , ViniyOgam
    2.     Sri Suktha Namavali and Sudarsana AshTottharam starting with (PraNavam) SudarsanAya nama: and concluding with (PraNavm) NaarAyaNakrupAvyUha tEjascchakrAya nama:
    3.     SrI Sudarsana Kavaca Homa MahA Sankalpam
    4.     Sri Suktha Homam Maha Sankalpam
    5.     Kumba AavAhanam: In that Kumbam , VaruNan , Lakshmi NaarAyaNan, Sudarsan are invoked and ShOdasOpachAra AarAdhanam is performed
    6.     Homam with the following Manthrams: ** SrI Sudarsana ShadAkshari (108 times) with aahUthi ** SrI Sudarsana GaayathrI ** SrI Sudarsana MaalA Manthram ** SrI Nrusimha manthram ** SrI Nrusimha GaayathrI ** SrI VishNu GaayathrI ** SrI LakshmI GaayathrI ** SrI LakshmiI Manthra Homam ** SrI DhanvanthrIi Manthra prayOgam ** SrI Paanchajanya Gaayathri**Sri Suktha Homam ** PoorNAhUthi

Freebies: Energized Sudarshana Yantra + Mahalakshmi Yantra

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