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Sri Sri Yoga with Kamlesh Barwal@Hyderabad from 7th-11th November 2011


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About The Event

                                   "STRETCH YOUR BODY HEAD TO TOE"
The thing which can make blossom.....the potential in a human being to its fullness is yoga.
  • Restraining the thought of activity of mind is yoga
  • Evenness of mind is yoga.
  • Yoga is not merely a form of physical excercise but a path towards total harmony of mind, body and spirit.
  • It is an ancient wisdom for a healthier, happier and more peaceful way of living that ultimately leads to self realization, the union with self.

SRI SRI YOGA is a decipline that is both gentle and powerful for uniting the body breath and mind in awareness. 

SRI SRI YOGA provides you Asanas(yoga postuers), Pranayamas(which increases the life force energy and regulating the flow of Prana) and Meditation(to further nurture the mind).


  • Improved flexibility and strength of muscle and bones.
  • Improved digestion, circulation and immunity.
  • Prevention and relief from many physical illnesses and chronic pain.
  • Overall body feels healthier, full of life and more energetic at the level of mind etc.
  • If mind is well all feels well.
  • Increased peace of mind, improved alertness and clarity.
  • Increased ability to deal effectively with short and long termstresses and concentration of mind.
  • Decreased reliance on drugs and greater energy and enthusiasm for life.

Workshop Covers:

  • Definite weight loss.
  • Strengthens the muscles, bones & motions of the joints.
  • Body flexibility.
  • Detoxification & anti-ageing.
  • Better functioning of the endocrine gland.
  • Away from stress & tension.
  • Pleasant & peaceful mind.
  • Improved alertness, awareness & clarity.
  • Decreased reliance on drugs.
SRI SRI YOGA is a complete and Sampoorna Yoga for everybody.

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