Spirit-U-All(TM) Journey of Life

Spirit-U-All(TM) Journey of Life


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Life as a phenomenon is beautiful; it has all shades of colors and flavors of nature. But life itself has no defined meaning. It is an opportunity given to us to create meaning through our experiences. As we experience life, we are faced with many moments, some predictable, some unpredictable and some life changing. During these moments many of us go through experiences of confusions, questions, clarity, doubt and distress. Some stop living and suffer silently inside. Some live with the subtle sense of a constant nagging within, and many other seek answers outside of them. Where do we all reach? Do we find our answers when we seek out?

On the special anniversary occasion of Spirit-U-All™, Aashwasan presents a unique journey and a moment with the founder and inventor of Aashwasan Science™, Ms Rashmi Aiyappa. In this special edition of Spirit-U-All™ Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa takes people through a journey of Self, taking them back to their origin, back to their essence, back to themselves... She has created this space to offer a unique experience to each and every human life who is on a quest to find their own unique answers and meaning in life. It is a platform for people to take an inward journey and explore the hidden, unexplored shades and colors of themselves. The space invites you to have a glimpse of you in that special moment and gives a possibility for questions to find answers, unresolved emotions to find resolution, unheard path to find light and numbed hearts be touched by love.

Experience these special moments with a special person Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa. Give love an opportunity to touch your lives. Allow Aashwasan to enter your heart. Welcome to an ordinary journey of your extraordinary spirit. To know more about the event visit www.aashwasan.org

Special Note: ** Proceeds of the event, support and donations extended by the members attending the workshop will be used as contribution towards various initiatives of Aashwasan Foundation.

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Email: spirituall@aashwasan.com
Phone: 9731301017/18/20

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