Spiritual Getaway - A Visit To Kailvalyadham

Spiritual Getaway - A Visit To Kailvalyadham


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Today’s life style has become very demanding, be it of businessmen, executives, professionals, or students. In a situation when the expectations are greater than achievement, we suffer from, what is called as stress. It is necessary learn to manage stress and improve self performance. Thus the institute has organized a visit to Kailvalyadham, Lonavla on 25th, 26th & 27th January, 2012.

About Kailvalyadham:

The pioneering exponent of scientific yoga, Swami Kuvalayananda’s efforts are chiefly responsible for the worldwide spread of yoga. To carry out research in yoga and to impart training in Yoga in a scientific way, he founded the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute at Lonavla in 1924. Today it is recognized as the prime institute of Indians working in the field of Yoga, Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Therapies.

Yoga: Literal meaning of the word Yoga in Sanskrit is INTEGRATION. It involves the process of identification and then elimination of all that would contribute in disintegration. Yoga which essentially is a Science of personal growth for spiritual experiences has simultaneously become a Science of Health and Healing.

Naturopathy: We have moved away from nature, which is creating disharmony between our body and mind. Naturopathy is a science of natural living. It’s philosophy is to be One with nature, understanding and respecting it. Understanding the nature of our body and treating it with respect is very important principle of Naturopathy.

Ayurvedic Therapies: In day to day life one has to face numerous problems which create great stress and strain. Panchakarma expels the imbalance dosha to bring back its balance. It is the process of shodhan.

Meeting point - Welingkar Institute of Management
Date - Wednesday, 25th January, 2012
Departure Timing - 2:30 p.m. by bus
Arrival at Mumbai - Friday, 27th January, 2012, Approx. 1:00 pm

Nominal fees of Rs. 1,800/- per student.
Last date for enrollment – 20th January, 2012.

How to enroll & Make payment:
For Students - Online enrollment through credit card. The online payment can be made through website: www.welingkaronline.org - Section for current student. Enrollment is restricted to the availability of seats. Registration will be on “First Come First Serve” basis. Students are invited to avail benefit of this opportunity.

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