Book Online Tickets for Spirit U All, Mumbai.  Aashwasan invites you to a space that has answers beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy - Spirit-U-AllTM Come Experience a Journey....A Session on “The Journey of Becoming to Being” Day after day there is a const

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 Aashwasan invites you to a space that has answers beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy - Spirit-U-AllTM Come Experience a Journey....
A Session on “The Journey of Becoming to Being” 
Day after day there is a constant quest to get somewhere professionally, personally etc. We imagine how our life would be, what we will be doing and more importantly who we will be. We map a trajectory of our life to become that. We find opportunities in the endeavour to become the person we imagined our selves to be, believing that becoming that person will give us happiness, joy, fulfilment, contentment, relief, meaning etc. In pursuit of our goals we change ourselves. The more we change ourselves, something strange starts to happen. The experiences that we yearned for seems to go farther and farther away from our grasp. Instead of contentment there is restlessness, instead of peace there is conflict, instead of joy there is misery, instead of meaning there is meaninglessness.. Where did we go wrong?
These questions make us wonder about the mystery of human life and many a time leave us with few answers. We seldom get an opportunity to look deeper with the complexities that we create within us to prove, adapt, validate and to live with the standards set by the world. 
Aashwasan Invites you to Spirit-U-AllTM, a forum that is created for people to go through a profound and experiential journey to discover the world beyond time and space and to connect to the journey of Becoming to Being! A space for all untouched, unheard, unopened and unread subtle senses, feelings, emotions and thoughts of oneself to be shared and expressed without having fear of feeling judged and labelled. An unconditional Journey facilitated by Aashwasan ScienceTM Practitioners takes you to the summit of clarity, discovery and experience of Being you.
This sparkling evening and reality is going to be graced by the presence of World Renowned Spiritual Scientist and Inventor of Aashwasan ScienceTM, Rashmi Aiyappa whose presence can make the journey resplendent. Join us in this rare and a beautiful journey of being you …

Aashwasan - Beyond Time and Space Into the World Undiscovered

A science that was discovered with mysteries hidden in ancient times, secrets about timelessness and theories about life after death - one science that encompasses mechanism of all life forms into a single dynamic format demystifying root cause of all unknown, may it be suffering from a disease, struggling in situations of life, stuck in a relationships or not knowing yourself at all. A space that has an answer beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy. It is an experience! Aashwasan Science™ is a global revolution in bringing Love and Happiness in people’s lives. The source of this science is Rashmi Aiyappa, Spiritual Scientist, Inventor and Founder of Aashwasan.

Venue: 1408 Conference Space, Lodha Supremus, Opposite Mtnl Off Jvlr, Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai, 400076 Date / Time: 25th May 2017, 6:30pm – 9 pm Registration Charges: 2000 INR 
If you wish to walk this journey with us drop a Mail to
RSVP: +919731301014/17/20. 
** Proceeds of the event will go to Aashwasan Foundation towards providing health service
Limited seats. Register to book your seats. Allocation on first come first serve basis.
We plan to conduct Workshops during our stay in Mumbai. Contact us to know more.


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