Spine Care and Posture Program

Spine Care and Posture Program


  • Spine Care Posture Program

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About The Event

Spine Care and Posture Program



Aims to promote “Health and happiness” for all.

Why Spine Care & Posture Program ?

Association of Spine Surgeons say that few pilot studies have suggested higher spinal incidences with IT Professionals & Women.

They say that 60% of Indian population will have a significant episode at some point of the lifetime.
The prevalence of spinal problems like osteoporosis and osteomalacia is amongst the highest in the world.

Bad postures put a lot of stress on the ligaments, which do not support the back appropriately and, thus predispose people to back pain. 

Content and Benefits:

The course has various Graded Strengthening exercises for making the Spine strong, so as to overcome stress of work.

The Power Walk has many health benefits. The Stretches and warm-ups are enjoyable and very beneficial. There is considerable relief in Backache and Neck pain.
Specific sets of exercises and asanas are taught keeping in mind various conditions of the Spine.
Acupressure, Posture, Ergonomics (furniture settings for comfortable work) and Gait Training (walking pattern) prove to be very helpful in overcoming lifestyle stress, thereby improving Quality Of Life.


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