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Spine care and Posture program


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About The Event

"Healthy spine is Healthy life"
Find the complete solution and prevention of back and neck pain...
Some key points of the course:
Power walk
Exercises for neck and back
Correction of posture
Correct walking patterns
Meditations and much more
 Spine transfer the information to our all organs 
 Due to our uncorrected postures we may have to suffer body pain 
 Now a days use of computer n mobile increase, which leads to dry eye problem
 Power walk
Benefits n Advantage: 
Alignment of spine more prana more happiness
 Learn body Ergonomics Reduce backache n neck pain
 Eye care n yoga 
To prevent eye from computer vision syndrome
To strengthen body n reduce excess fat
Spine = Life
Don't miss to acquire above benefits

For more information Call@88972 65882

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