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Have you ever eaten a humuhumunukunukuapuaa? Probably not, unless you are from Hawaii and you love fish. But have you studied the orthography of this vocable and can you express its semantics and articulation like a bunch of gobbledygook?
If you are confused, please look away. If not, then welcome to the world of spellings! This Spelling Bee challenge will not only test how good you can memorise English words and spell them out, but will also test how well you appreciate the beauty of the Queen’s tongue.

So go on; make friends with Mr. Oxford and Mr. Webster. And prove your worth as the Queen (or King!) Bee of spellings!

  • Team size: Solo
  • Language of reference: British English
  • Two sets of students: College Students and Students from grade 11th and 12th compete separately till the Final Round.
  • Eliminations: Written Dictation Round (40 words). 100 participants qualify.
  • Semi Finals: Written Dictation Round (25 words). 16 participants qualify.
  • Finals: Knockout Oral Round.

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