Sparkles Science Sensory Camp Ghatkopar

Sparkles Science Sensory Camp Ghatkopar


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About The Event

Join our specially designed summer camp for 3-6 year olds, with lots of sensory activities, slime play and colours. Kids will create their own rainbow fountains, giant toothpaste and learn about liquids and magnets. Perfect for kids who love to mix things and create a mess! 

Day 1: Chromatography: Separating colours from different mixtures 

Day 2: Liquid Properties:I​ntuitive understanding of water properties​ like​ surface tension​ ​​and buoyancy

Day 3: Mixing and appropriatin​g​​: ​Making different mixtures ​using clay. ​

Day 4 : Exploring Mixtures and compounds.

Day 5 : Magnetism

Visit​ for more details​. Contact 8080666222 for registrations

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