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About The Event

Need a boost with verbs? This 4-hour (2 hour each day on 19th and 20th August) course is a solid grammar course which reviews the conjugation and use of basic verb tenses. If you are at a Lower or Upper Beginner level, this will help you strengthen the foundations of speaking Spanish with confidence. This is essentially a follow-up workshop of "Spanish In A Hurry" which facilitated the structure of the language and gave an overview of it. This particular workshop will particularly focus on Spanish verbs so that the students can build up the ability to think in Spanish and eventually frame correct sentences and keep the ball rolling in a conversation. Any beginner can attend the workshop, If you already have the knowledge of the basics like Alphabets, sounds, articles, and subject pronouns, that is great :) in case you did not get a chance to study them as of now that should not be a bar to register for the event. Dynamic support will be provided in terms of hand out & study material.

As a matter of fact, a verb is one of the most important parts of the sentence. It tells the subjects actions, events, or state of being. Spanish verbs are one of the most challenging aspects of the language to master. In this workshop, you will learn techniques how to remember conjugations; the irregularities of most Spanish verbs; the tenses and more through audio and video aids and dedicated practice sessions.

What will you learn?

a comprehensive summary of the present indicative (presente de indicativo). Although this may seem basic, the whole scheme of the present indicative is never usually presented in beginner language courses. It's very handy later on, though!

1. regular verbs (–AR –ER –IR)
2. stem changing verbs (e > ie / o > ue / e> i ...)
3. verbs with change in the 1st person only (salgo / conozco ...)
4. verbs with two irregularities (tengo / tienes / tiene ...)
5. irregular verbs (ser / estar ...)
6. Reflexive Verbs (me llamo, te llamas)

Workshop Fees: Rs. 2000

Number of participants: 20


1. Workshop content handouts
2. Extra Study Material
3. Useful Videos and Audios for practice on the Go
4. Information on selective online practice portals
5. Complimentary refreshments on both the days (1 Snack and 1 
drink of your choice)
6. Life long guidance and support for language learning needs at 
free of cost

About the trainer:

Mousumi Ghosh is an Advanced Diploma holder in Spanish language and the university topper from the qualification perspective. She has been taking classroom and private coaching along with consulting to different needs on the language since last 5 years. She has been associated with different premier language schools in Bangalore, Institute of Spanish studies, Inlingua, Institute of Indian & Foreign Language to name a few. She also helps with special classes to students preparing for DELE exams in different levels. She has come up with the initiative "Spanish In A Hurry", the vision of which is to encourage the language enthusiasts and learners leveraging short term workshops and the knowledge sharing platform where you will be with a group of like-minded people who want to learn and improve.She provides lifelong support,guidance and help for all the participant free of cost free of cost for any kind of language learning needs.

About Spanish In A Hurry:

Spanish In A Hurry is a platform to support all the Spanish language lovers with curated workshop and seminar. Spanish In A Hurry works for corporate professionals, students, beginners, travelers and simply Spanish enthusiasts. With uniquely designed learning techniques and quick concepts, this programme has been benefited by hundreds to learn and love the Spanish language.

Check the below link to explore the official page of Spanish In A Hurry. Do follow the page for your daily learning needs.

The previous event under this initiative was also featured in different web and print media publications. Does that interest you? Learn more about the previous workshop here.

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