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Everyone loves South Indian! We go a step ahead by making it healthy, wholesome and nutritious too. Plus its so easy to make and versatile that you could have it either for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner even!

• Jower Idli with chutney
• Appam with veg kurma
• Puttu with Chana pumpkin curry
• Avial
• Banana flower thoran
• Moru curry
• Millet Lemon rice
• Mango Achar
• Payasam

Time: 2 am to 4:30 pm.

Contribution: Rs 2200 per person.
Early Bird Discount: Rs 1800 per person before 8th March 2017.\u2028Note*: Please deposit cash or cheque before the Early Bird date ends (midnight), or else full rate(s) will be applicable.

Kindly note that this class has limited seats

Contact: Shreya Singhania 09820947564, Anney 09930752967.


For More Details: Click Here


Presenter: Anney, Rose


Cancellation Policy: Cancellation before the early bird attracts full refund towards another program. Cancellation after early bird attracts 75% refund.

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