Book Online Tickets for Sound Therapy Workshop Based On Ayurveda, Mumbai.  This is a paid event. The workshop cost is Rs.11999/- (All inclusive) for all 3 days. Payments can be made via Cash or via Check. 
This is a 3-day event from morning 09 am to 06.30pm.Contact us at 96192 47111 / 97640 19333 for more

Sound Therapy Workshop Based On Ayurveda


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About The Event

 This is a paid event. The workshop cost is Rs.11999/- (All inclusive) for all 3 days. Payments can be made via Cash or via Check. 


This is a 3-day event from morning 09 am to 06.30pm.

Contact us at 96192 47111 / 97640 19333 for more information.

Learn and know everything about singing bowls. Learn to use them to heal various diseases like Sinuses, Migraine, Frozen shoulders, Spondylitis, Backaches, Knee pain, Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive concerns.

Use them to heal fear, anxiety, insecurity, depression etc. 

Chakra healing using singing bowls.

Full body Healing & Detox using Singing Bowls. 

Details of the program:

"The Universe is built upon sound." 

The only way we can influence people around us is through communication and sound forms a major part of our communication. Not only that sound has been scientifically proven to affect our cell structure, function, and architecture. And since life begins at the cellular level, any change or shift that we wish to bring in in our life must also be executed at the cellular level.

This is where sound comes as the most effective medium. Have a look at the video below to see how sound can influence our individual cells and bring about shifts.

Sound, when used in a systematic and scientific way has been documented to bring about the following changes:

1. It alters our states of consciousness and makes us more aware thereby enhancing the quality of our life.
2. It aids digestion on both the physical and mental levels and imparts clarity to life.
3. It not only clears cellular memories but also erases memories from the space around thereby preventing relapse of the situation.
4. It eliminates any and all aches and pains and releases life from the bondage of the past.
5. It handles effectively issues arising from psychological patterns (OCD, PCOD, menstruation-related, constipation, arthritis, cancers, etc.) and makes life free and beautiful again.

You too can create the life of your dreams with a bounce, joy, cheer, good health and prosperity by inviting the power of sound in your life
1. Learn how to clear spaces like home, office, industry, etc.
2. Learn how to treat physical ailments and psychological disorders through sound with effortless ease.
3. Enhance your own body and mind by just devoting a few minutes a day.
4. Speed up your own evolution through conscious application of sound.
5. Make money effortlessly through giving others the gift of joy, freedom, and abundance.

1. Shodhana Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has two branches – Shodhana & Shaman. Shaman practices are the medicine based instant relief techniques. While Shodhana techniques are Root cause eradication & healing techniques using only Foods, Nadi Shuddhi, Samavahan. (Sound Healing), Yoga & Pranayama. It was always an Integral part of our Ancient Healing system to use Shaman to suppress the ailment & Use Shodhana to release all toxic waste, imbalances and reawaken the tissues. 
You will understand this Science of Shodhana Ayurveda In detail during the workshop. Understanding of the Panch mahabhootas and Tridoshas, there interplay and how it affects the Mind – Body and overall Life of a person. 
Understanding how to re-correct these different types of Ailments for Self and others.

2. Nada Kriya initiation and meditation to heal all ailments. 

Each Yogic science is a part of a lineage of Masters, Sages, Rishis, they have left behind an array of technologies. To access these techniques & technologies and Key & a Guide is required. 
This in the Yogic terms is what we call an Initiation by a Guide / Guru. 
These very Powerful Kriyas ( Techniques ) will be taught in detail, by Simple practice of these Kriyas, many a ailments & lifestyle problems are eliminated. 
These Kriyas are not being taught currently by any other Master or Organization. These are a gift by my Masters, Kriyas for the Modern age man.

3. Sound healing. In-depth understanding of different types of Sounds. Their qualities and their effects of the Human Mind & Body. 
In-depth understanding of using & practice of Vocalization and Use of Sound healing Instruments. Processes to heal different types of Ailments.

4. Rigorous practice of therapeutic healing, chakras & meridian cleansing and healing. Practice Practice Practice … It makes Perfect. 
On hands rigorous practice of providing therapies for different ailments, pain management & psychological issues.

5. Aura scanning, removal of energy blocks. 
Learning to accurately Scan Auras, finding the distortions & releasing them with feedback.

6. Whole brain activation. The essence of all Ayurvedic & Yogic techniques is Not only to heal the Body but to Ultimately Work and Raise one's Vibrations & Consciousness. It is Ultimately to bring one to a state of enlightenment.

7. Sacred Vedic and Tibetan super consciousness techniques to attract abundant health, wealth and relationships. Simply Blessed will be all those who reach this Workshops, true Yogic Secrets of Wealth& Abundance will be revealed throughout the duration of the course.

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