Sound Healing Certified Workshop in Pune

Sound Healing Certified Workshop in Pune


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Atoms are the basic entity. We are all made up of atoms. And atoms when broken down emit Energy. All matter is Energy states the Law Of Thermodynamics. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, everything is energy. Our thoughts do not stop. Once we start thinking, the process goes on until something breaks the pathway of the thought process. And these thoughts are nothing but the co creation of our past experiences that the body has gone through, that include our emotions and feelings.


To overcome such experiences, to overcome such repetitive emotional patterns that block our growth, to transform the pattern of our lifestyle, to bring life to an alignment, to create a harmony in life - Flow in Life's Energy is the only way.


Life can be a flow with ease & joy. To create a flow in life's energy, the external energy of Sound is the most effective tool which is used since ancient times. By using external sounds like the singing bowls, gongs & our own voice one can touch the inner sound and bring alignment in the energies.


"Learn this ancient technique of using Singing Bowls & Your Own Voice to Heal, Harmonise & Align Your Life First and then Heal Others Too"
Only You Can Be Responsible For Your Life And No One Else can !


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