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Spirited (Live) Spirited Records - LKA
Mindmap (Live) Spirited Records - IND
NazXcla!m (Liv



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About The Event

Soul Sunday at MAYA

Spirited (Live) Spirited Records - LKA

Mindmap (Live) Spirited Records - IND

NazXcla!m (Live) Spirited Records, Audioheads - IND,CAN

Groovalizer (DJ) Spirited Records - IND

Mad Psy.N.Twist (DJ) Spirited Records - IND

Soul Sunday is an Absolute Global Chillout evening by Absolute Energy Parties and Spirited Records.

With Spirited 1.5 hour Healing Session and 1.5 hour ‪#‎Chillout‬ session of their tour album called Absolute Uprising that will be released at the end of this “Resonance Tour – ‪#‎India‬, ‪#‎Nepal‬ and ‪#‎SriLanka‬”.

‪#‎Spirited‬ is a multi-genre artistic synthesis, an extraordinary Live Act. Specialized in creating consciousness-expanding organic ‪#‎music‬ that triggers an orchestra of emotions taking the listener on a transcending journey through an out of body ‪#‎dance‬ experience. Spirited’s work concentrates on sound healing research, vibration based on plant growth research and Metatainment concepts to support the next level of human evolution through sound/vibration. Through its vast progress towards the international healing music industry Spirited™ has initiated a few sub-projects to help assist the greater vision of the organization. Spirited is not only a music project but a Movement that is moving towards the goal of aiding humanity through activism.

Two of ‪#‎Bangalore‬'s very own, Mindmap ‪#‎LiveBand‬ will be going ‪#‎fusion‬ with their global music feature with live visionary ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎painting‬, and Nazxclaim hailing from 15 years of dropping beats in ‪#‎Dubai‬, ‪#‎Toronto‬ & India with his live Deep-Tech-House set.

“Mind Map” is a group of musician friends mapping people’s mind with experimental music. It’s a mixture of ‪#‎Rhythm‬ & soulful melodies to psychedelic rare instrument sounds. We are in a process of crossing barriers, borders & limits of genre of music to unite it all under one roof of “Global Music”. Started in Bangalore in 2003 and 2015 they release with Spirited Records, their first debut release “Mindmap”. These experimental prodigies are expanding with time adding more to their act, collaborating art in not only music but also live with the visionary artist “K.D. Singh”.

‪#‎Technical‬ skilfulness is the mastery of intricacy, while creativity is mastery of simplicity. NazXcla!m is the Art and Science of every music show.
The sounds, the lights and the ambience are all at his beck and call. His thoughts translate to Art, so simply, so placidly, lighting up spirits of peers and clients alike. He has been upgrading experiences with his finesse ever since he began his journey as a DJ in 1999 and still continues to DJ as DJ nazXcla!m in 2015 across India and the globe. NazXclaim currently has 4 projects which include Deep-Tech-House, Soulful House, Techno & Fusion Chill-Out

Also Featuring Grovalizer from Hyderbad and Mad Psy.N.Twist from ‪#‎Kerala‬ who will showcase some downtempo and global chill out music.

Ajit, aka Groovalizer, is a young and upcoming DJ , ‪#‎Producer‬ from ‪#‎Hyderabad‬ who has being playing all around india. Groovalizer blesses the ‪#‎dancefloor‬ with deep soothing, uplifting beats, funky rhythms and “slow burning” sound development concepts, warming the arena up for the night ahead. Ajit also spends most of the time with the GSM Crew as a promoter and Coordinator for projects in India.

Mad Psy.N.Twist is an Experimental and visionary artist made out from the cosmos itself. His journey through the cosmos and what he has experienced is put out through his experiments of art, depicting the universe in its true state and being. This scientist holds a Master’s ‪#‎degree‬ in Bio ‪#‎Technology‬ and represents Green Spirit Movement India as a ‪#‎Consultant‬ for Hemp. New addition as an official promoter and artist for Spirited Records, Sameer, the Mad Psy.N.Twist will take you on a journey of downtempo and global chill out music.

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