Book Online Tickets for Soul Balancing for Emotional Release., Hyderabad. If you are looking For Letting Go Off your Emotional Baggage, the feeling of Hurt, Betrayal, Fear, Grief, the Intense Soul Balancing Session will help you do that.
A combination of stimulating The Gates Points which are the core points in your body

Soul Balancing for Emotional Release.


  • Soul Balancing

    Emotional Detox Release, Private Sessions by Megha Dinesh.

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About The Event

If you are looking For Letting Go Off your Emotional Baggage, the feeling of Hurt, Betrayal, Fear, Grief, the Intense Soul Balancing Session will help you do that.

A combination of stimulating The Gates Points which are the core points in your body holding your emotional baggage coupled with Rebirthing Breathing & Reiki would aid in channelizing the Emotional Release & breaking your patterns.


Article Published in Psychosis Magazine, Europe.


Although most of my life I have experienced a strong sense of spiritual curiosity, I have also passionately maintained a dislike of the New Age and its attendant army of therapists, spa-jockeys, reiki-wallahs and aura-magnets.


My curiosity has led me to try dozens of treatments over the years. Re-birthing, past life therapy, meditation and yoga, an array of massages both painful and pleasant and entire fields of healing herbs washed with rivers of exotic aromatic oils. I have sat at the foot of the Himalayas breathing through one nostril and chanting OM ( not, I think simultaneously), I have been scrubbed with chilli powder.


My reaction to more or less all these treatments has been approximately the same – quite nice, sometimes a bit dull, occasionally somewhat silly. I have never had anything remotely like a spiritual experience during these treatments and certainly never expected to have one.


That changed in November last year when I visited the Park Hotel at Vembanad Lake in Kerala.  The head of the spa there was a small, pleasant woman of 27 years old, Megha Dinesh, with braces on her teeth and eyes that were liquid and somehow penetrating at the same time. She suggested  I  try her ‘soul rebalancing’ treatments, that she had devised from a mixture of ‘rebirthing breathing, reiki and the stimulation of ‘Gates Points’ – locations in the body that ‘stored emotional memories’.       


The experience that followed in my hotel room was akin to seeing a flying saucer land in my back garden.  I lay on my hotel room bed while Megha without any of the usual crappy music or scented candles, and leaving all my clothes on, began to tug at my toes, while instructing me to breath rapidly, always inhaling more than exhaling. After about fifteen minutes, I felt two points of energy behind my ears. After twenty minutes, my whole body was vibrating from within like tuning fork.


After a while it began to wind down. I thought that it was one of the most powerful and pleasant experiences I had had from a therapist.   But Megha had only begun.  She was gradually moving up my body looking for the ‘Gates Points’ and found a place by the scar where my kidney was removed as a baby ( I was born with cancer). She dug her fingers in; it hurt.  I began to moan.  Then I began to moan loudly, in growing amount of pain. She simply dug deeper.  More pain; moaning that was more like yelling. The physical pain somehow became emotional.  I wanted her to stop, but I needed her to continue. As my protests got louder, she started moaning too.  We would have woken the dead – a statement that was to prove oddly prophetic.


Again, I began to wind down. I was astonished that she could have produced such a deep, powerful response in me- and at a point she could not have known about, my kidney scar ( I was fully clothed at all times).    But  she hadn’t finished. She moved up my body further. This time she dug her elbow into my sternum. It hurt. Really hurt.  I began to wail, then yell  She joined in. And dug deeper. The pain was almost unbearable, but it felt oddly healthy. .


Then it got really weird.  She uttered, unprompted, and impossibly,  my mother’s last two dying words.  And I began to cry – cry like I had never cried before. I was wracked, and yet somehow, I felt, healed.


Fast forward two months. I have returned to the hotel with Megha treating me up to four hours a time across a seven day period. Could I repeat the experience or was it a weird fluke?    


The first session was similar to the session I had the first time round,   Again I found myself in pain, and yelling and moaning at the top of my voice.  At the end of the session on my sternum, Megha had used so much pressure that she had to peel her elbow from my chest.  It had literally stuck there. I was physically bruised, but again, it felt positive.


In following sessions, it got easier..  Megha claimed that she wasn’t doing things any more gently, simply that I had ‘opened up’.  Above all, I became skilled at certain kind of breathing – which she called ‘rebirthing breathing’ because, she claimed, if you took it far enough it could take you to previous lives.

This was the sort of talk that always set off my inner sceptic.  I never had any experience like that during the treatments.  But the breathing techniques were powerful. I found myself in a strange state of consciousness, fully awake, and yet somehow entirely centred within myself. .  I felt as if I had taken a mild – and sometimes not so mild - hallucinogenic drug.   


The massage techniques began to feel incidental.   The breathing was what was changing me. By the end of the week, I had learned to do it on my own.  I have been using it ever since. And it is having a real effect on  my life. When I begin to feel the normal brittle tension that I suffer when things are spiralling out of control,  I do the exercises, and in around an hour, I am deeply relaxed, in a way I was never relaxed just sitting or lying down, and I am at the same time humming with energy


 I feel a great debt of gratitude to Megha.  She has taken the deepest of unbelievers and made him into someone who believes that there is something in Eastern healing culture after all.   The trouble is, I think healers like her are very rare – all I have experienced up until now are charlatans and people who use incense and music and massage and power of suggestion to trick people into thinking they had an experience when they haven’t.

This was different -  I had an experience as real and as tangible as sitting here at this table. I feel I am, if not a different person, then the same person with a lot of the rough edges knocked off and with a slightly more open mind.  In short, I feel that I have experienced a kind of small, but genuine enlightenment – not spiritual, really, but physical and practical.  


Something surprising has happened. The sceptic has looked in his garden and seen the flying saucer land. And nothing will ever be quite the same


Soul Balancing Sessions will be available @Meghavi - Spa, Salon & O Cafe from Feb 16th -20th, 2015.

Duration - 3hours. Energy Exchange Rs.8500.

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