Solo Sunny - Film

Solo Sunny - Film


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Solo Sunny - Film (Feature). Director: Konrad Wolf.

Sunny is a singer in a band which is constantly on the road. She therefore leads a relatively restless life, which she cannot afford to give up, having to rely on the fee she gets paid. She is single; living on her own, she takes things into her own hands. Besides, she has no difficulty warding off men, especially at work, who harass her or try to chat her up. And she generally sees to it that what talent she has, is not overly exploited by others.

Still, Sunny yearns for a great love experience. She gets to know Ralph, a philosopher, and believes she has found her true love. But Ralph does not return her love in the same way. Harry, who owns a taxi company, loves Sunny and, being well off, can offer her an easy and fun life. But he is not the one she wants.

In the band, Sunny demonstratively turns down Norbert's obtrusive advances and she cold-shoulders him so completely that he kicks her out. He takes on a new young singer who is prepared to do everything expected of her in order to further her career.

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