Solo Art Exhibition  JWALA  An Artists Experiments with Colours and Energy

Solo Art Exhibition JWALA An Artists Experiments with Colours and Energy


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About The Event

Renowned artist Prenita Dutt will be exhibiting renditions of her experiments with colour and energy existing in the form of trees and their abstraction through her solo Art Exhibition Jwala, at the India Habitat Centre, Open Palm court, New Delhi from

12th – 16th  September 2016, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.   


Jwala is Prenita’s Eighth Solo show where an amalgamation of colours, is brought forth by some interesting experimentation with a new medium. The artists dabbles happily with realism and a controlled abstraction to put forth her love for nature onto canvas.


Describing why this show is different from her other shows Prenita Dutt said, “This show is different because it deals hugely with an internal process of magic that exists within all living things. This one reality binds us beautifully because the energy or ‘Jwala’ that sustains the mighty Oak and the smallest blade of grass, also flows through me.”


Her paintings show the vibrancy and serenity of nature that we overlook in our daily fast moving lives. There are myriad thoughts and expressions, where the varied colours used in one of the paintings is in sharp contrast to the other, signifying the immense potential and playfulness of the human mind.


“The colours and abstract shapes in some break off the stereotypical conditioning of the human brain in contextualizing and interpreting every object or idea around us. Paintings are a way of setting free or rather, pushing our imagination.” She further continued.


The gradual shift from representational work to abstract branches glowing with sunspots and flowers has been the result of fearless experimentation with color and medium. This passionate use of color has resulted in some amazing textures that the artist is delighted to share with a larger audience.


About Prenita Dutt

Prenita Dutt is a self-taught artist and trained counselor. She works from her studio in New Delhi as a full time artist and is a volunteer at AADI, as an art facilitator for people with disabilities. She had her 1st solo show in 2005 at India Habitat Centre and has participated in art camps, residences, workshops and group shows regularly. 'Colours, Coffee & Conversation' is an interactive, informal event that she hosts to meet like-minded people who are interested in art and creativity. Her paintings can be viewed at

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