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Clean energy technologies are gaining momentum in today’s economy. Together with cleanenergy experts and specialized educators, our workshop aims to inculcate resourcefuleducational content and manuals that bring renewable energy

Solar Fuel Cell Car workshop


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About The Event


Clean energy technologies are gaining momentum in today’s economy. Together with clean
energy experts and specialized educators, our workshop aims to inculcate resourceful
educational content and manuals that bring renewable energy into practical application for
students. The program will feature the basics of Solar and Hydrogen Fuel Technologies, and
their applications (with hands-on sessions) in developing clean energy. They will be taught
to conduct experiments with Solar panels under different conditions and study the
The participants will also be provided a kit, using which they can incorporate both solar and
hydrogen technologies for manifesting energy which can be put to good use.

This workshop is intended for Engineering Students. During hands on session, the
participants will be required to organize themselves in group 3 for working on the Solar
Hydrogen Kit. The Solar Hydrogen Kit will be shared by 3 students and may be retained by
them upon extra payment



Reversible PEM fuel cell
Reversible PEM fuel cell base
Hydrogen and oxygen tanks
Inner gas containers
Water/gas tank module base
Transparent silicon tubing
Flexible 2mm banana connecting leads
Plastic plug pins for fuel cell
Battery pack with connecting leads
Motor and fan with propeller blade
1 Watt solar panel
Assembly instructions
CD with curriculum manuals



In order to address climatic changes and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, many
governments are making efforts to opt for cleaner sources of fuel like hydrogen. In
hydrogen fuel cell technology the main platform consists of 3 sectors - PEM fuel cells (microfuel
cells and stacks) and their materials, hydrogen supply (electrolysis, reforming and
hydrolysis) as well as hydrogen storage and pressure related devices. This workshop will
enable students to get a good idea about the feasibility of energy manifestation through
hydro-solar implementations.

Day 1:
09:00 to 9.30 ---

Introduction to Hydrogen as a fuel
Hydrogen Energy
Production Of Hydrogen
Hydrogen Energy
Uses Of Hydrogen Energy
Storage of Hydrogen Energy

09:30 to 10:30 --- Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Introduction to fuel cells
Types of Fuel Cell
Details of PEM Fuel Cell

10:30 to 10:40 --- Break

10:40 to 12:30 --- Electrolysis and Incorporating Solar with Fuel Cell
Generating electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen
Converting Solar Energy to Hydrogen Energy
How to use solar powered innovations with fuel cell
Hydrogen Energy Storage

12:30 to 13:30 --- Lunch

13:30 to 16:30 --- Usage of Fuel Cell softwares like Comsol: Fuel Cell Module etc


Day 2:
09:15 to 10:30 --- Introduction to fundamentals of PV
PN junction & basics of solar cells
Working of solar cell and panel
Components in a solar PV system
Application of solar energy in India

10:30 to 10:40 --- Break

10:40 to 12:30 --- About solar panel fundamentals
 Different types of solar panels
Components used in solar installation
Series connection, parallel connection
Introduction to NEC codes
Solar policies prevailing in the state & country

12:30 to 13:30 --- Lunch

13:30 to 16:30 Practical hands on session on a Solar Hydrogen Science Kit
 Participants will be provided a kit wherein they invent their own clean
energy applications using fuel cells and manifest renewable hydrogen
created using solar energy and water.

The kit also comes with a small electric motor and propeller blade for
motorized applications so students can build using their futuristic solar
energy storage device.

Selected Experiments from the following list will be done :

 Solar energy experiments
1. The effect of heat and cooling on solar panels
2. The effect of shade on solar panels
3. The effect of tilt angle on solar panels
4. Finding the solar panel’s maximum power point

Hydrogen energy experiments
1. Electrolysis mode: generating hydrogen and oxygen from water
2. Fuel cell mode: generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen
3. Determining the minimum voltage for water decomposition
4. Polarization states for hydrogen fuel cellsCERTIFICATE
The participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation. 


Registration Fee: Individual: Rs. 1750 (without kit)

                                            Rs. 7200 (with kit)

                            Team of 3: Rs. 5000 (without kit)

                                             Rs.9000 (with kit)

Limited seats only!


Steinbeis Solar Research Centre

Plot no. 27, Second Cross Street,

Wood Creek County,




About Tech Fusion Lab Pvt. Ltd:

Tech Fusion Lab Pvt. Ltd is the Education training partner of Steinbeis Solar Research Centre. The main aim of TFL is to promote creativity and motivate innovations ideas.  TFL (Tech Fusion Labs) was created to bridge the gap between academy and industry. The program design and validation is done by SSRC while TFL executes the workshop and projects. 


About Steinbeis Solar Research Centre: 
SSRC is an organization under the wings of Steinbeis Germany through its Indian partner, Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer at Hyderabad. Its main activities consist of conducting training programs and involve in various R&D Activities. SSRC also selects students for internship activities to work on various R&D projects through the workshops that we conduct.

About Steinbeis: 
Steinbeis, the parent institute of Steinbeis Solar Research Centre (SSRC) was established in 1971 in Germany. Its major focus is in Technology transfer and promotion of various R&D Activities. As of 2012, a total of 918 enterprises are under Steinbeis network each performing their own discipline of research. A total of 1572 Employees, 3697 contractors and 752 professors come under the Steinbeis Gmbh center. The Steinbeis enterprise has achieved a turnover of 141 million Euros in 2012. SSRC was established in Jan 2014 with the intention to promote solar research activities which aids in product development.

Conducting Training Programs for students and job seekers.
Design consultancy for solar PV, solar thermal, wind and other renewable energy systems.
Assistance in technology Transfer from European Platform.
R&D in improving the power from solar PV systems.
Seminars and invited talks on solar PV systems.
Internship and career assistance for students in renewable energy.


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