Science of Holistic Living

Science of Holistic Living


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About The Event

In today's world Corporate executives, Businessmen, Students & Home-makers stress levels are very high due to tight schedules, very fast lifestyle and extremely polluted environment. This trend is getting increased day by day along with worries, tension and future insecurity etc. This fast lifestyle will not allow us ask some basic questions like,

~ WHAT are you?
~ WHAT are you in THIS WORLD for?
~ WHY do certain things happen the way they happen?
~ HOW can you stay healthy and happy always?

Is there a solution for this? Is there a way to get out of all these worries? Is there a way to get answers for all the questions above? Is there a way to happily lead a simple and healthy life?

The answer is obviously YES!

To know the answers and solution.. attend this 2-day workshop "Science of Holistic Living" workshop 'conducted by senior masters in Meditation and Spiritual Science. They will walk you through the process of understanding the Science of Meditation and Science of Energy Maximization.. Register and help yourself!

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