Software Testing Open Workshop: Robust Test Design

Software Testing Open Workshop: Robust Test Design


About The Event

It is all about COVERAGE.

Coverage is the key property that needs to be satisfied by test design. How do we know if the “net” that we have designed to catch the fishes (“defects”) is broad, deep, strong and fine? That is, how do we know that the test cases have indeed “covered the entire software”? Designing test cases that are complete and optimal is seen as challenging.

Experience seems to play an important role in ensuring that the test cases are indeed complete, but this is always in short supply.  This leads to question:

  • Is there a scientific thinking approach that can enable anybody, a team with mixed level of maturity to device a good enough net to catch defects?
  • Is it possible to logically prove the completeness of test cases

To know the answers, attend this one day open workshop on Robust Test Design.

Workshop takeaways
The workshop presents a unique approach to design and gives the participants a set of scientific thinking tools to ensure coverage. The participants will clearly understand the information required for effective design and the steps to be followed. In fact, not only will they able to design effective test cases, they will be able to find flaws in requirements too!

Who should attend?
Test/Project manager, Test lead, Test engineer.

Date: 16 Sept 2011
Time:  9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Venue: CleanSoft Academy
Fees: Per head Rs.4750 + 10.3% Tax

Mentor profile

The participants of this workshop will be mentored  by T. Ashok, Founder & CEO of STAG Software . Ashok is an alumnus of IIT Chicago & Anna University, with over 23 years of work experience. Passionate about excellence, his mission is to discover methods to build clean software.

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