Socrates Last Stand Beauty.

Socrates Last Stand Beauty.


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About The Event

Socrates’ Last Stand is a unique experience that will give people the opportunity to question the ways in which they think and engage with each other. Over the course of two hours, Meta-Culture’s facilitators and performers will explore with the audience, things about the world that are normally taken for granted.

What is beauty? Is the idea of beauty important? How does it affect our lives? What is the relationship between beauty and self-image? How does our understanding of beauty affect how we interact with the world? Does everything have to be beautiful? Can we be okay with some things being "ugly"? How does social media contribute to our ideas of beauty?

‘Beauty’ is an everyday adjective that can mean so much more than intended. Come, explore this notion with us at our next Socrates' Last Stand session, where we deconstruct and reconstruct our usual understanding of the not so thought about concepts and ideas through a facilitated dialogue structure. 

meta culture

Founded in 2005 and based in Bangalore (India), Meta-Culture is a critical thinking and human engagement studio that works through the modalities of conflict resolution, negotiation, consensus-building and leadership. Meta-Culture has been involved in a diverse range of issues as varied as inter-faith, inter-racial, labor-management, intra-organization, environmental and inter-personal conflicts over the last ten years in parts of South Asia, Europe, North Africa and North America.

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