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Social Media Networking Master Class: Delhi


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I am called as "TheMotivationGuy" on LinkedIn, and I love to Network! 

I receive several messages on how to Network through Social Media Platforms, and here are a few:

"I tried approaching a Business Leader but he didn't reply to my message."

"I sent my business Proposal but they never replied."

"I tried cold calling but no was interested."

Old ways to network won't work in the New World. Today, the number one game changer is


With the right Content you can create a pull strategy, you can make people write to you, instead of you pushing your products, resumes, services to them. Be a part of the Networking Market Class to expand your Social Media Networking Toolkit. 

Build your

"Personal Brand"

Workshop Objectives: 

1) How to forge your "Unique" social media Brand.
2) How to "Engage" your network in your work domain and make your work viral.
3) How to generate a "Pull" selling strategy using your Posts, Messages and other social media tools.

 Reporting Time: 5:45 PM

Remember to carry your Smartphone to the Workshop!


Nishit Lal

TEDx Speaker | Author of 5 Motivational Books | Yoga Professional | Facilitator | Networking Enthusiast


Jyotsana Nag, Marketing Professional: “The biggest learning I took from it was “it’s not just about you, but it’s about others. What value you can add to their lives, then to yourself? And that’s how you make a connection, in true sense.”

Meenakshi Khera, Director HR, IT Organisation: “Fantastic......Nishit is really good at what he does and makes it enjoyable. He made us understand the facts about Social Media branding with brilliant practical examples.” Am sure all those who attended will contribute to become the so called "CREATORS”

Taleha Khan, Blogger, Digital Marketing: “Your workshop was totally mindblowing , no wonders ur #motivationguy :)”

Kaajol Jain, Entrepreneur: “Experience beats textbook.... some very key notes taken....the class was as good as it gets... thanks for a very enriching n inspiring session”

Anoop Chaturvedi, Tour Guide: “During the session I feel like I'm attending this workshop  with my friends.”

Vasudha Gupta, Advocate: "I am a lawyer and it was a completely alien area to me. I started reading up and discovered content marketing. But off late I was feeling how do I go about it. Your course has given me a perspective on how to take it forward from here."


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