So many cinemas: Do Indian film makers have to be responsible to their audience

So many cinemas: Do Indian film makers have to be responsible to their audience


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Ethics is a set of principles/rules accepted by a society as objective code of conduct. Each profession has its own ethical norms. Unfortunately it is often used interchangeably with morality. But we need to keep in mind that ethics is the science of morals, and morals are the practice of ethics. Morals are individual choices of right and wrong; those are internalized set of rules. Root source for this interchangeable usage may be the dichotomy whether cinema mirrors the social reality or cinema's influence gets reflected in social reality. We ought to articulate the ethical set up of cinema beyond the ubiquitous tenets of morality, censorship etc. especially when we are claiming the status of an ‘industry’ for cinema. Issues ranging from ‘recognition of a writer’ to ‘offering insurance to each crew member of a production’ need to be identified. As Nietzsche had said, "the most common lie is the lie one tells to oneself; lying to others is relatively the exception." If we do not spell out the conveniently hidden issues, who will? Panelists:

  • Amol Palekar
  • Elahe Hiptoola
  • Samuel Berthet
  • Hariharan Krishna
  • Selvaggia Velo
  • Dr Pawan Manvi

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