Smart Investment Workshop (Noida)

Smart Investment Workshop (Noida)


  • Smart Investment Workshop-Noida

    Learn How to Invest in Stock Market to Beat Inflation

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About The Event


Smart Investment Workshop: How To Invest In Stock


...Oh! The moment I entered in a stock it started tumbling down. The moment I sold a stock which I held for years without any gain, it started moving up sharply. It is nothing but my bad luck... 


Does this sound very familiar? Not all then most of the retail investors in stock market have similar story to share.

Dear Stock Investors,

It is not your luck but some other smart players' strategies which are working against you. It is a known secret that stock market is a game of behavioural economics. Few smart players have decoded your behaviour and they are playing game with right tools and strategies. Being retail player you are mostly playing blind in this battle field. Result is obvious.

Our workshop focuses on 4Ws.

1. Why Stock?

2. What to Buy?

3. When to Buy?

4. When to Sell?


Nothing returns better than stock market. We share mind blowing comparative statistics with all conventional investment modes. Using statistical tools in very simplified version, we have churned out answers for the last three critical questions. To simplify it further we have created a system which allows investors to delegate regular core jobs to software in cloud. Yes, this workshop will also tell you how to reap the benefits of stock market without getting distracted from your regular job.


Be a part of this event and we will show you an entirely new avenue.


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This workshop can be attended by anybody who knows the meaning of words investment, trade, stock exchange, stock or share.


Bringing laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with internet connectivity will be helpful however not compulsory.


Workshop Charge:


 Essentially this workshop is free. In order to avoid false registration we are charging Rs.1000/-. Based on the formal feedback at the end of the workshop we will:


  1. Refund cheque of Rs.1000 to all who are not satisfied. 
  2. Award discount coupon of Rs.1499/- to satisfied attendee, using which one can subscribe three months service of APS.


About Co-ordinator:


This workshop will be conducted by Mr. Jyoti Kumar. He is Director and co-founder of Bazaar Analysis Pvt. Ltd. 

For more information about him and core team at SAFE Trade please visit the following link 

Food for Your Thought

  • Do you know inflation is eating more than your investment earn through fixed deposit?


  • Do you know in the last 10 years simple NIFTY linked ETF has returned 20% yearly compounding which is a far better return than real estate, gold and most of the alternative investment mode?


  • Do you know during 2009-13, gold rallied in upward direction and returned 100%, while during the same time stocks linked to the same sector returned more than 500%?


  • Do you know more than 90% active investors lose their money in stock market due to just three common mistakes linked with human emotion, which can be easily controlled with the help of machine driven rational system?


  • Do you know government has recently come out with tax saving scheme for direct investment in equity market (which is exclusive in nature)? 

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