SMART - Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques

SMART - Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques


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About The Event

Enabling Objective
To make corporate executives know the importance of Stress and manage it effectively for a healthy life…

Add Life to Years…. Not Years to Life….

The quote highlights the importance of Stress Management in an executive's life which is subjected to extreme pressure and pain.


Stress is one of the off shoots of modern life and it affects everyone. In spite of the tremendous advancements, luxuries and comforts of the modern world, man is not leading a satisfied and comfortable life. There is a lot of pressure per se on the human beings. It is very important to know the sources of stress and also to manage it because the long term ill-effects of stress are very disastrous leading to a plethora of psycho-somatic disorders. Simply stated, stress leads to an imbalance in the body's immunological system. As a result, the body's disease fighting ability is weakened and it becomes prone to a number of diseases. Prolonged periods of stress and strain lead to what is known as BOSS (Burn out Stress Syndrome).i.e., a person feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless with low energy levels, feeling depressed, leading to nervous breakdown and in some cases suicidal tendencies.


Hence, it is very important to understand stress in terms of the pressures on an individual, sources or factors that lead to stress, symptoms that are manifested in an individual and above all, Management of stress through a psycho-somatic approach.


SMART trains the executives to manage the stressful corporate life in a 'smart' way.


Target Group:
1) Executives

2) Managers


Last date for receiving nomination/ application is April 25th confirmation of participation will be provided only after receiving registration fee by the CMD office.



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