Skoch Digital Inclusion Day 2011

Skoch Digital Inclusion Day 2011

Skoch Digital Inclusion Day 2011 Skoch Digital Inclusion Day 2011


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Skoch Digital Inclusion Day 2011

The Underlying Theme of Digital Inclusion Awards is “ Digital Deepening” – The need to envision a digital nation, provide enabling policy and legislative frameworks and join hands with all stakeholders to truly utilise the power of technology in enhancing quality of life and pushing economic growth at all levels.


>ICT in Governance     
>ICT  in Financial Inclusion    
>ICT in Corporate Competitiveness  
>ICT in Gender Empowerment
>ICT in  Minorities and Weaker Section Development

Skoch Digital Inclusion Awards 2011

Power Panel Discussion on Digital Deepening

Skoch Digital Inclusion Awards 2011

Skoch awards are about you and not about us. The distinguished list of our awardees is a testimony to the fact that our awards are conferred with the dignity, seriousness and an eye for detail that extraordinary contributions deserve.

If you have contributed to digital competitiveness, digital deepening that yields growth or used Information and Communication Technologies to serve the country and the economy better, you are invited to apply for Skoch Digital Inclusion Awards 2011*.

alt   Award Categories

   > e-Governance

  > Technology in Education

  > Technology in Public Safety & Security

  > Technology in Gender Empowerment

  > Technology in Financial Inclusion

  > Technology in Minorities & Weaker Section Development

  > Technology in Corporate Competitiveness

  > Technology in Automation

  > Technology in Services Delivery

  > Technology in Livelihood

  > Value Added Services

  > Technology Innovations 

  > Technology Intervention of National Significance

  > Technology in Skill Development


The nominee projects may be implemented by state governments, central government, private companies, institutions or civil society. The projects should be in the areas of governance, financial sector, telecom and education. As a part of the process, an Awards Committee is constituted, which comprises of senior professionals from academia, government, industry and other stakeholders in the ICT-supported development of the country. Initial screening of the project is carried out on the basis of the information sought in the prescribed format. Additional information, if required, would be sought and may be supplemented with Skoch’s own research or the knowledge base of the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee then deliberates and decides on the awardees. The committee may also nominate projects that they feel should be in the consideration set.

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