Master Professional Selling, Public Speaking and Earning Skills in 30 days

Master Professional Selling, Public Speaking and Earning Skills in 30 days


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About The Event

This is to inform you that I am conducting training on  ‘Master Professional Selling, Public Speaking and Earning Skills’ on Saturdays for only 12 participants from 10am to 5pm. Please nominate who can benefit from the program.

Selling is not only about selling product or services, but selling your ideas to others. Selling is all about relationship building. If you don’t have good relationship with others that means you have not able to sell your ideas to them. People make buying decision emotionally, and justify them rationally. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care for them. People like to buy; they don’t like to be sold.     

‘NO’ is a standard response to any sales proposal.

Fear of rejection is the biggest obstacle in the success of our sales career. It holds back us from seeing more and better prospect, and translating those calls into more and better sales. The starting point of overcoming fear of rejection is to realise that it is not to the individual. Rejection has nothing to do with you as a person. The prospect does not know you well enough to reject you as an individual. To repeat: rejection is simply not personal. Everyone is bombarded with so much sales proposals in our commercial society that ‘NO’ is a standard response to any sales proposal. 

You must imagine yourself to be a doctor in selling. A professional doctor will ask a set of questions to patient. Know the patient’s problems and then only prescribe medicine and procedures to be followed to treat the patient and cure illness.

Similarly as a sales professional I must master the art of asking questions to know our prospects. To convert ‘no’ to ‘know’ we should take the initiative to know our prospects.

To succeed in sales and service career physical and mental fitness are must, and to remain fit and healthy following step to be followed.

Goal setting/ Target for the month ►Mental Preparation ►Action ► cleansing of   Mind

The most important aspect in selling is the art of asking questions and listening patiently to understand the client; so that you can provide the right solution to the client. Then ask for business and close the sale.

Confidence in you is essential to succeed in sales. Confidence of the organization depends on your confidence as you represent the organization. The prospect’s buying confidence will come from your confidence.


• Selling is all about converting big ‘NO’ to ‘YES’ 
• Selling is all about relationship building 
• Objection is an opportunity in disguise 
• Handling objection 
• Closing the sale and asking for business 
• Managing stress to remain energetic & positive 

Location: LMA Leadership Centre,Hyderabad, opposite to Maitrivanam, Yousufguda Main Road, Near Sarathi Studio, Ameerpet, Next to Cafe Coffee Day and opposite to ICICI Bank ATM

Please call Ph:9515733436 if you have difficulties to locate the venue'

It’s time to cut excuses, step up and take responsibility for yourself and your life…




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