Surya Kriya_Goregaon_October2017

Surya Kriya_Goregaon_October2017


About The Event

Surya Kriya : Fire up the sun within.

Surya Kriya is a potent yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness, and complete inner wellbeing. 

Traditionally available only to select groups of yogis, Surya Kriya is being offered by Sadhguru as a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world.


  • Cardiovascular efficiency increases so better blood supply to vital organs
  • Hormonal levels & Endocrine function normalizes
  • Offers relief from chronic back and neck pain
  • Increases the Lung capacity leading to revitalization and rejuvenation of the Cells
  • Massaging & toning of the entire digestive system
  • Sleep improves
  • Brings emotional balance & reduces anxiety
  • Improves immunity
  • Prepares one for deeper state of meditation


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Terms & Conditions


a) No Refund Policy 

b) Age: 14 years and above 

c) Attendance is compulsory for all the sessions

d) Participants should come in empty stomach condition which means 

    Full meal - 4 hours gap 

    Snack (if skipped a meal) - 2 1/2 hours 

    Beverage - 1 1/2 hours gap. A glass or two of water is OK (you can add little honey or fresh lemon juice to water if you want) 

    Cigarette - 45 minutes 

    Alcohol - 8 hours 

e) People with Hernia, Pregnant women and people with serious back diseases should not practise Surya Kriya.

f) People with following conditions should consult a doctor before practicing Surya Kriya.

    1. Back, neck, leg or hip problems 

    2. Injuries 

    3. Artificial joint replacement 

    4. Recent surgeries (6 months) 

g) Comfortable clothing. If they are made of cotton then it will be very good for the practices that you will be learning. 

h) Bring Yoga mat (compulsory) and cushion (if necessary).


 If you have any medical conditions or have had any surgery, kindly call before registering. 


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