SJC 11 Batch Diwali Meetup

SJC 11 Batch Diwali Meetup


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About The Event

Please read the description carefully for all the details.

The description is divided into following section:

1. Introduction

2. Instructions

3. FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

4. Terms and Conditions (on the next tab)



This year, let us start the diwali celebration from day zero by celebrating, dancing and enjoying with the same people who walked together with you through out your golden school era. The SJC 2011 batch is calling all their fellow inmates together for being part of this celebration. The batch has an amazing program planned exclusive for themselves. If having all your buddies under one roof isn't enough to excite you, the batch has delicious food, heart pumping music and promising surprises awaited just for you.

The event will be organized on 20th October 2014 or the Day Zero of the Diwali festival. It will be hosted in our beloved hometown of Ratlam at The Ajanta Palace timed from 2 PM in noon to 9 PM in night. The whole event will consist of performances from batch mates, interactive games with surprises, dinners with mid-program starters, a photo session and an amazing dance party to keep you high through out the event.



Please read the steps carefully for booking your ticket.

1. Select the not-sold-out slot with minimum pricing. This may vary according to when you would book the tickets.

2. Select "1" from the quantity drop down.

3. At the bottom of the ticket slots, check the T&C checkbox.

4. Select Book Now.

5. On the next page you will have to provide following details: Full Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and your 10th class section. Please fill this details accurately to get flawless entry to the event. You will receive registration confirmation and ticket on mobile and email so ensure you enter accurate details.

6. Click Submit to get to the payment page.

7. Click on Proceed to Pay Using EBS button to direct you to the payment portal.

8. Once your payment is completed, you will receive an SMS and email confirmation.

9. Open your mail inbox, our mail and take a printout of the ticket the attachment.

10. Make sure you carry that printout to the venue on 20th October.


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend this event?

This event is open for all the individuals who were part of SJC until 10th or 12th and completed their schooling in 2011. So basically anyone who gave their 12th class exam in 2011 are eligible given that they belonged to St. Joseph's Convent, Ratlam in their Higher Secondary.


How much would it cost me?

We wish we could host it for free but world doesn’t work like that. We have to get a great and affordable venue, delicious food and music. Along with above stuff we are trying to ensure that no one leaves empty handed and are trying to accommodate surprises for you in the same budget. After creating some estimations we have decided to follow a dynamic model. For you, the pricing will depend on how early or late you register. For early registrants we are selling tickets for slightly lower prices than usual and increasing the price so that we can check or reduce lateral entries.


Why just not keep a single price?

We aren't trying to do business out of this. In fact, selling initial tickets at such rate make us vulnerable to loose money. Still, this is important because we want the most energetic people should deserve some sort of bonus over the lateral entries. Why so? Because this means we will be able to start executing the plan as soon as possible and also ensure people think twice delaying registrations which creates problems for all.


What would be the agenda of the program?

We will have performances from our batch mates, games and surprises in the first phase, dinner and music in parallel in the next phase. If you want to perform you can contact any of the organizers regarding your proposals.


How can someone reach for suggestions and volunteering for the event if want to?

As mentioned, you being precious part of this batch are equally important part of this party. If you have valuable suggestions or can volunteer in a way or other. You can always contact any of the co-host mentioned in your passes or Facebook event in the best way that suites you.


I am married or engaged and wish to bring my spouse with me which do not belong to our batch. Can I?

We are equally honoured to be host of your spouse too. For you, we have special passes which we will release a bit later in the phase. While making registration, make sure you put your name in the first form and name of your spouse in the second form keeping your 10th class section similar in both of the forms. Please remember this is only valid to people who are officially engaged or married and do not entertain other couples of any type.


Due to some reasons if someone is not able to attend the party. Will he/she get rebate?

We will highly recommend you to book tickets only when you are absolutely sure about your attendance. The online portal has some limitations regarding refunds and while you might be reading this, the amount might have already been started to get consumed in various stuffs to get you the best experience in the party. This also means that we unfortunately won't be able to entertain any refunds of any type.


My transaction failed. What should I do?

Before taking any further action, please check your bank account or credit cards if there has been any deduction. In case there are no deduction, you can try again to book your seat. If there has been a deduction, the money will be refunded to your account in a few days. You can also directly contact at the following customer care number: +91-9396555888 .


I lost my ticket mail or haven't received any mail. What should I do?

If you have your registration number and remember the email address that you used to print ticket, visit to print your pass. In case you don't remember any of the following, please contact us and we will mail you a copy or could get you both of the details.


How can I receive updates regarding the event?

We hope you are connected on our Facebook event page. Most of the announcements will be posted there. If in case you don't use facebook or want a better way too, don't worry all the important announcements will be mailed to you on your registered email id.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Every attendee is required to mandatorily bring your online or offline receipts with you. You will need to keep it handy until you finally leave that is when will receive a token in exchange. :)
  2. Every attendee on their first entry to the party will be inked (marked on hand by ink) which an attendee must ensure not to erase, remove or wash away until the end of the party. Once the entry is over any attendee without mark would not be allowed to move inside in case he/she moves out of the party for any reason.
  3. As there would be no batch members at the entry gate, any attendee might not be able to get any kind of personal attention or help if expected.
  4. When you first enter the venue, you will receive a welcome letter with these instructions and a voting form which you will use to vote for various titles and performances. This form needs to be submitted to a secret ballet at the end of the first half on behalf of which different awards would be distributed.
  5. Entry will start at 2PM and the program will start at 3PM. Make sure you enter before it.
  6. In case you would miss the program due to any reason, it would really be hard for us to refund you your amount because of tight budget. We recommend you to confirm your availability before registering.


As a Josephite, you are expected to adhere to following constraints.

  1. You should not consume any alcoholic or tobacco product before or in the event.
  2. You should maintain the decorum of the party and do not create or take part in any kind of in-disciplinary situation.
  3. You must respect your co-attendees.
  4. You must ensure not to litter in or around the party venue and use dustbins.
  5. In case of any accidental damage by you to the party venue, you must help us physically and if required economically to fix things up.
  6. You must not engage in a debate, argument of any type.
  7. You should not cheat or use unethical ways during the games or other contests.
  8. You are expected to respect the choices and votes of the batch regarding any decision including and not limited to awarding titles, selecting best performances and choosing your favourite song. :)

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