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Six Thinking Hats Workshop


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    Six Thinking Hats Workshop

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About The Event

Thinking performance drives business performance. Most mistakes in business are mistakes in thinking. Decisions are poorly thought through. Risk factors are overlooked. Faulty information is taken as fact. Ideas are killed far too early. Benefits aren’t built into solutions — customers have no idea why they should embrace your new efforts. Changes backfire.

If any of this describes the condition at your company we can help you improve the thinking performance of your employees. The end result for your company:

— Increases in bottom-line profit. 
— Increases in top-line growth. 
— More time to develop meaningful customer relationships. 
— More time to work on what’s important to develop the business. 
— A happier and more motivated workforce

Course Context : Much of our thinking is done in a confused way. We often try to do too much at once. Emotions, Information, Logic, hope and creativity are all mixed in. It's like juggling too many balls as a result we befing to limit our thinking. We start to use only one type of thinking for every situation usually Critical or negative thinking.

Course Benefits : 
Make better decisions based on thorough and clear thinking
See all sides of situation to avoid being blindsided
Sort through wide ranges of data quickly to work with just the necessary information
Think through business challenges more thoroughly




Anyone who wants to think clearly, objectively, and reatively will benefit from Six Thinking Hats training.


  • HR Professionals Project
  • Managers Meeting
  • Facilitators Engineers New
  • Product Developers
  • Team Leaders & Members
  • Trainers & Consultants Sales &
  • Marketing Professionals Advertising & PR Professionals
  • Patent Attorneys

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