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Five reasons why every individual need to be trained on lean and six sigma:?
1. Process and data analytics

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification at Mumbai


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About The Event

Discover how change competency can create success for individuals and team even if you do not have any prior background or specialist aligned.

Five reasons why every individual need to be trained on lean and six sigma:?

1. Process and data analytics methods which alter the way we manage our work
2. Strengthen change management skills as this is leadership No 1 Challenge.
3. A simplified and proven process that will enable you achieve superior performance.
4. Discover a unique system that helps you achieve short term and long term goals?
5. Finally, “To grow faster than your peers”.


Most of the Large organisation across globe have embraced Lean Six Sigma as One of the key competency for key role

Today change is one of the Key expectation from each layer in the organisation. Be it Operations, Sales, HR, IT, Accounts, Production or any other role, the common string is the change oriented mind-set.

While Domain knowledge is key change driver, awareness of change concepts compliments the initiative by ensuring speed, sustainability and scale-ability. Awareness of Change methodology is imparted through lean and six sigma methodologies.

Chronic problems are legitimized into processes. Lean Six Sigma Program help its participants identify chronic and sporadic problems / opportunities in their organization and achieve breakthrough improvement using scientific methods.

Lean six sigma competency across the globe is emerging as one of the key consideration for key roles. One of the Key benefit of program is high ROI which stem from increase in profit by either reduction in Cost of Quality / Waste in the process OR increase in revenue through scientific interventions.

Competency build through program enable organisation to unlock potential of its people and hence improve on its own feet.

Lean Six Sigma Green belt Certification Program – Niche Construct to achieve success

Who should attend:

Lean six sigma is the only proven and scientific model to carry out structured improvement. So Anyone who want to be successful through achieving exceptional results should attend.

No prior background is required, but participant should have passion to improve / Deliver / achieve goal.

Output from Program:

Participants post workshop are able to produce exceptional results through:

    - Challenging the status quo with an eye to catch waste / variability in the process
    - Initiating structured process improvement using DMAIC methodology
    - Use of relevant Process and Data Analysis Tools

Why program from FGnC Consulting:

  • Process simulation based experiential workshop. Process simulation help participant relate to real world scenario and hence complex subject is learned in simple way. 
  • Participant learn the fun way through Gamification.
  • Facilitated by Quality leaders with 20 + years of experience and won various awards
  • Live case studies - selected from participant's own processes
  • Participant create strategy for their projects so they create their success road map during workshop itself.
  • Link to success in the role
  • Post-program support - Just a call away. Get mentored by quality leaders who love to see success for their participants.
  • Global standard and Value for money - an affordable proposition for self-sponsored participants.

Overall this is not a theory but application oriented workshop and appreciated highly by corporate and individuals.

Program Content:

1. Quality Journey

2. Process change methodologies

3. History of Lean and six sigma

4. LSS Framework for Process Transformation

5. Toyota Production Systems

6. Voice of Customer, People survey and KANO Model

7. Project Charter - Scope, Problem definition, Goal

8. Project Governance - Roles, Issues, Conflict Management (CTQ - CTP),  Stakeholder Management

9. SIPOC, Process Mapping & Standardization

10. CTQ Tree & Establish Performance Criteria

11. Sampling, Data collection methods

12. Basic Statistics, sigma calculation

13. Variability Analysis

14.5 Why Analysis

15.Qualitative Screening using Affinity diagram, Fishbone

16.Graphical Analysis -Pareto, Histogram, Box Plot, Scatter


18. Brainstorming

19. Value Stream Mapping

20. MUDA - Type of Waste

21. Hypothesis testing

22. Regression Analysis

23. Cost-Benefit Analysis

24. Create & run Pilot

25. Mistake Proofing

26. Tactical implementation Plan

27. Visual Management, Kanban

28. Process confirmation

29. Statistical Process Control using Control Chart

30. Gemba Management

31. Change Curve

32. Dashboard and governance


About Faculty:

Mr Praveen Arora is certified quality leader, Six sigma Master Black Belt, Lean Trainer, Excellence assessor, Success coach, author, CEO and founder FGnC Consulting. He has been recognized with leadership award for purpose "To create success for individuals and teams through building change competency even if they do not have a prior background or specialist aligned to them (Win By Change). Selfless service for students and needy individuals to improve their skills and employ-ability."

Heralded as “The Certified Quality leader”, Praveen Arora has x-ray vision for seeing opportunities and the creativity to convert them into success for individuals and team! Praveen delivers high-impact, value based, custom strategies for turbo‚Äźcharging students, corporate individuals and organizations for great results.

Praveen is often criticized for simplicity in his approach which connects with individuals at all levels and makes it a cake walk. His audience go back to their business with Passion, Competence and Opportunities for success. He ignites the zeal for success. #Win By Change. 

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