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About The Event

Pause >> Think >> Act

When the traffic lights turn red on the road, it is imperative we stop no matter how fast we may be driving. For a few moments we become bystanders to what is happening around us. If we break the law by cutting the lights, we’ll be in serious trouble. These pauses from time to time keep us in check of our speed limit and our haste. Being able to stop the flow of traffic of overly-busy thoughts that are flowing through our mind is equally important. It’s also a pre-requisite if we are to maintain our inner peace, power and sanity. If we continue down the same lane of negative and wasteful thinking we will either end up at a ‘dead end street’, or we may have to do a ‘u-turn’, and both experiences will be a waste of time and energy.

Raja Yoga Meditation teaches us we can’t literally stop our thoughts. However, we can certainly practice slowing them down and pressing the pause button of our mind. This allows us to take a step back from what we are engaged in and to reflect and to decide on the best course of action forward.

What you will learn:

How to press the pause button of your mind

How to manage the avalanche of thoughts

Learning to think before you think!

Learning to discriminate between your thoughts

The cycle of thoughts

To value the power of action – karma!


Note: Please carry your ID card or Business card for the event!

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