Simpliv Course on Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate Level 2

Simpliv Course on Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate Level 2


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    Last Date: 30-12-2018

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About The Event


This training will propel your knowledge beyond the basics of Excel in this intermediate course of Microsoft Excel.

Build upon what you’ve already learned in my Beginner course, and after taking this class you’ll have even more features and tools to work with in Microsoft Excel.

Developed and taught by the most experienced and multi-certified Microsoft Office trainer on the web, this course provides the most comprehensive intermediary coverage to Microsoft Excel. A Microsoft Certified Trainer and Professional, Microsoft Office Specialist, Expert and Master Instructor since 2000, with over 16 years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels on “how to use” and “certify” in Microsoft Office, Kirt Kershaw has added, refined, designed and perfected this course to make it easy for you to master additional features in Microsoft Excel.

As you participate in this course you will master intermediate Excel tools that will add to your skills, making you more proficient and save you even more time. Additionally, you will have added knowledge and skills to prepare you to continue your progress up to my third and final course: Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced Level 3.

At completion of this course you will have mastered more intermediary Excel tools, and come out with confidence to complete these Excel tasks with efficiency and grace.

Taking this course, along with my Microsoft Excel 2016 Beginner Level 1, includes all the training you need to help you pass Microsoft’s Excel 2016 Core (77-727) Exam and become certified. Add those courses together with my third and final course in this series, Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced Level 3, and have all training you need to help you pass the Microsoft Excel Expert (77-728) Exam and become certified.

Basic knowledge
  • Prerequisites: Microsoft Excel 2016 Beginner Level 1
  • To work on the exercises after having watched the videos, to practice what you’ve learned, then you’ll need Microsoft Excel installed
  • This Microsoft Excel course was created in Excel 2016 and most features will work and is compatible with previous version of Excel including: Excel 2007, Excel 2010, or Excel 2013
What you will learn

In only five hours of videos, provided to you in 55 separate video lectures so that no one online video is too long, you will learn all of the following about Microsoft Excel:

  • Learn how to create and name cells and ranges of cells in Excel
  • Learn how to link data from one cell into another in Excel
  • Learn how to change text case with UPPER, LOWER & PROPER Excel functions
  • Learn how to combine data from one cell into another with CONCATENATE in Excel
  • Learn how to extract portions of data from within a cell with LEFT, FIND, SEARCH and RIGHT Excel functions
  • Learn how to add conditions to a function using AND & OR Excel functions
  • Learn how to calculate or display data based upon a logical test when true or false using the Excel IF function
  • Learn how to combine or nest functions into one another to go beyond single function limitations in Excel
  • Learn how to calculate loans fast like a car, or home loan with the principle amount, interest and number of payments using the Excel payment PMT function
  • Learn how to add, count, or average a cell or range based upon criteria using the SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s) and AVERAGEIF(s) Excel functions
  • Learn how to lookup data in a table and return the cross-referenced results instantly using LOOKUP, VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP Excel functions
  • Learn how to create, modify tables to help organize your data
  • Learn how to add, average, or count up a range of cells based upon criteria of another database using the DSUM, DAVERAGE and DCOUNT Excel functions
  • Learn how to calculate the number of days between two dates using the Date & Time Excel functions
  • Learn how to sort your data in your database as well as the top design flaws to avoid when creating your database in Excel
  • Learn how to filter your data in your database quickly with AutoFilter, and how to get more with Advanced Filter in Excel
  • Learn how to quickly add subtotals to your Excel database
  • Learn how to create and modify charts in Excel
  • Learn how to add trendlines to your Excel charts to predict a trend, as well as chart and axis titles
  • Learn how to create and customize a PivotTable and PivotChart to handle large amounts of data more effectively
  • Learn how to use Slicers to instantly filter your PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel
  • Learn how to insert & modify pictures for a livelier looking Excel worksheet
  • Learn how to draw and modify basic shapes to help pull attention to a part of your Excel worksheet
  • Learn how to insert a SmartArt graphic to visually communication information in Excel
  • Learn how to layer and group objects together quickly and effectively
  • Learn how to insert, modify and format cell comments in Excel as notes or reminders
  • Learn how to add a watermark, or washed-out image to the background of your printed Excel worksheet pages
  • Learn more conditional formatting options to format cells based upon criteria
  • Learn even more tips, tricks and shortcuts about Excel
  • And so much more in this Excel course.

Additional bonus materials include:

  1. Exercise Files – you can download all that are used in the Excel videos for your personal, “hands-on” practice
  2. Quiz – you can download the Excel quiz that has one questions per video to test on what you’ve learned
  3. Instructor Notes – you can download as a quick Excel reference guide of the main points covered in each video, without having to watch the video over again.

Another great part of this course is that, at the end of this Excel class, you will be given a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

All three of my Excel classes are guaranteed to teach you Microsoft Excel, and if desired, to help you pass the Excel Core and Expert Exams and become certified. Once enrolled, you will have access to this Excel course for the rest of your life. You will always be able to come back to this Excel class to review, or to learn new material about how to use Excel. Described as “fun” and “easily understandable” and “amazing” Kirt Kershaw’s Excel training will forever change the way you work with numbers. Try this course for yourself and see how you too can quickly and easily learn Microsoft Excel.

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