Simplilearns Online Free Webinar Lucknow  Ethical Hacking - The Essential Component of Information Security

Simplilearns Online Free Webinar Lucknow Ethical Hacking - The Essential Component of Information Security


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Attend Simplilearn’s Free Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Online Webinar on

“Ethical Hacking - The Essential Component of Information Security”

September 19, 2014 07:00 PM IST

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Ethical Hacking in today’s technology driven world is very essential. Due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks and security threats, the concept of ethical hacking emerged. EC Council came up with a certification program called Certified Ethical Hacking to designate professionals with ability to hack computer systems for safeguarding information security in organizations.

Understand why ethical hacking is an essential component of information security during this webinar session.

To beat the hacker, one needs to think like one. During this webinar, our presenter will take you through tips and techniques in hacking that will help you protect systems better. Grab an understanding on scanning, testing and hacking to secure systems. Get ready to keep your networks and computers hack-proofed with this interesting session on CEH.

In today’s times when everything is just a click away, cyber-crime is on the rise and has become a big concern for almost everyone. From personal social networking accounts to international bank accounts and databases, security is a major concern.

Over the years, the number of email hacking incidents, password attacks and data stealing has increased immensely, making security professionals and ethical hackers indispensable for the society. Breaking into systems was a mere pastime for computer geeks in the past. However, today it has turned out to be one of the most sought after job profiles.

Ethical hackers are professionals who hack systems to protect the same and find vulnerabilities in the security strategy. They are technically trained to understand hackers’ mind-sets and are legally permitted to hack systems of any organisation to protect their systems and keep them secure. In short, they scan, test, hack and secure systems of any organisation.

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