Signs on the Road of Life  How to Know Which One to Follow

Signs on the Road of Life How to Know Which One to Follow




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About The Event

Life Cycles and How to Do Well in the School of Life

We all are constantly learning something new in our school of life where we also have to take the exams in crisis years or times of drastic transformations and changes in our life. During these years we are tested on how well we were able to learn from Nature and how well we managed to implement it in our life. If we pass the exams, we get to the next level. Then we have to take new classes with new teachers that help us learn new things about life. The process of further learning and evolving helps us make our journey more interesting and enjoyable and we all know that a positive view on life is healthier and more successful. 

You have a unique chance to learn which signs on your road of life you should follow. If you took some wrong turns in life and lost energy, you always have a chance to get it back and visualization/ meditation techniques from Dr. Arvinder Kaur can really help. They all have been proven to be very effective in practice. Learn about the program you will get more than seven hours of unique information including visualization techniques and a very powerful guided meditation technique. It is the first live seminar conducted that is based on the new field of science of Energy Healings For Life Cycles and How to Do Well in the School of Life.

During the course you will receive full details of your potential and of the energy-informational environment that you are currently in using ponder-motor writing technique. We will also analyze case charts (and life line graphs) of people around you which will give you a chance to see the real causes of problems that you might be experiencing today. During the course we will also answer your questions regarding issues related to your health, personal or professional life. We will share visualization techniques that will be the most effective in your unique case. After the course you will have a set of tools that can truly improve the quality of your life and help you become healthy and successful in writing your own script of life.

Come, Lets discover how to be more comfortable with our life lessons through healing naturally through Secrets Of Universe. Lets Improve The Script Of Life You Are Writing Everyday.

About Dr. Arvinder Kaur, Doctor in Ayurveda & Psychology, Reiki Grandmaster, EFT & Matrix Healer, NLP therapist, Many other Natural Healing Practices are accredited to her profile. She has been practicing different healing therapies since last 25 years. She has many accreditions to her space. She is a multi talented person with a B. A. M.S. in Ayurveda & M.S. in Psychology & Counseling. She is also trained in Palmistry, Jyotish Pragya, Medical Astrology, Vastu, Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and many other fields. It was during her study of medical Astrology that she got introduced to Ayurveda and found it to be her passion. She loves to learn new things, while spreading happiness and smiles everywhere. People come to her with their problems & leave learning tools to solve themselves their problems on their life journey.

Who can Join : Anyone who wants to bring change in any area of their Life either financial, health, career, relations & any other issue.

Registration : Joining of course by Contribution Fees Only Before Oct. 28, 2014. No free Joinings. There are limited seats. 

For Registration contact Dr Arvinder kaur at 9910781190 before Oct. 28, 2014.

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