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About The Event


Why are we doing this?


  • To help hackers in town to meet, discuss & collaborate for interesting projects and startups 
  • At this meetup we aim to give recognition to dorm-room projects which have the power to make this world a better place
  • Help startups meet hackers to join their team and help hackers find their dream job/ internship 
  • Learn about new teach stack and languages
  • New startups can find early users and get feedback on their products
  • Investors and Tech enthusiasts can discover the latest mobile apps, websites & technology products that everyone's talking about




Below is a glimpse of some of the products that have been showcased at HelloMeets events earlier:


  • CollegeGapp — Connecting colleges

    A one-stop platform to connect college level events all over Delhi

  • Proximity App — Find your friends when you travel


         It lets you easily ping your friends when you travel to their city — whether you knew they were there or not


  • OpenEvent

         An event hosting platform and includes a website and app and content-management dashboard

  • NewsMeMe

         A news media startup that creates short news, 40 sec long, 800kb in size about trending events and topics

Connecting with people online is great but there’s no replacement to meeting your future BFF, finding your next co-founder, or simply having an interesting conversation in real life. This meetup will be a fun way to hang out with other smart, enthusiastic people that love tech.

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