Short-films evening

Short-films evening


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Tous les garcons s’appellent Patrick/ All the boys are called Patrick

Director : Jean-Luc Godard

Released in 1959

Duration : 21 minutes

France – comedy


In the gardens of Luxembourg, in Paris, Charlotte meets Patrick who invites her to have a drink and gives her a rendez-vous the next day. The same night, Charlotte finds out that her friend Véronique has also met someone? That sounds exciting…Here is one short film of the Nouvelle vague which perfectly captures the atmosphere of Paris of these times.


Les veuves de quinze ans/ The fifteen years old widows

Director : Jean Rouch

Released in 1967

Duration : 25 minutes

France – documentary


The director of « Moi, un noir » and « Chronique d’un été » focuses on the yéyé parisian youth by following the family and love life of two teenagers. One of them is serious and the other one is not. “The fifteen years old widows” intertwined four different movies by four directors who drew a portrait of the youth across the world.


Petit tailleur/ Little tailor

Director : Louis Garrel

Released in 2010

Duration : 44 minutes

France – Drama, comedy

 Arthur is twenty five years old, he is a tailor apprentice in the workshop of Albert who is eighty years old. Albert loves Arthur as his own son, and he will soon retire. He chooses Arthur as his successor. But one evening, Arthur goes to a theater play with his friend Sylvain. He falls madly in love with Marie-Julie, the main protagonist of the play. To seduce her, Arthur sews her a dress. The two lovers decide never to be separated and live for their love. But, how can Arthur follow his heart and be loyal to Albert at the same time?

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