Shombit Sengupta Solo Art Exhibition - Gesturism Art

Shombit Sengupta Solo Art Exhibition - Gesturism Art


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About The Event

What: Shombit Sengupta’s Solo Exhibition - Gesturism Art

Where: ICIA Gallery, Kala Ghoda

When – 9th Nov – 22nd Nov


Shombit Sengupta is an Indo French contemporary artist. Sen is a Bengali of Indian origin who migrated to France in 1973. From an early age Sen yearned for France in search of art and artistic freedom of imagination. He left for Paris with just $8 as he could not afford more. Since then, Sen's signature in the world of painting has been seen.

Having showcased his works at prestigious art exhibitions in Venice, Milan, Tokyo and Louvre in Paris, Sen is bringing his works to India at a solo show in Mumbai from the 9th Nov to 22 November 2016 at Institute of Contemporary Indian Art Gallery at KalaGhoda. His last show in Mumbai was in the year 1998. 

The one-of-its-kind Renault Kwid painted by Sen would be unveiled at 6.30 pm on the opening day 9th November of his Mumbai exhibition. After Mumbai, Renault will send the art car to Barbizon, France (10 to 27 December 2016) called the Artists Village in France where Modern Art was cradled since 1870. Thereafter the Kwid art car will travel to international auto shows and art shows, and will finally find place in the Renault Heritage Museum in France.

Sen's Indian colour palette which stems from his being born in India, combined with inspiration from France where he spent his adulthood, grew to snowball into an art form called Gesturism. Inspired by his French environs, Sen's artistic sensitivity swirled him into osmosis of the mind's eye, his fingers domineering over colours and brushes, the friction of which comes together to generate a painting on canvas. Instant actions in everyday living may result in some corporal substance that people call thinking, so the more actions we perform, we create stimuli for others. Our gestures, and not hazy intangible vapour, form the basis of Sen's Gesturism art movement. 

Key highlights of the exhibition are:

1. Art Car: French carmaker Renault from Paris has invited Sen to create an art car on Kwid, their big success in India. It’s the first time Renault has commissioned a bi-cultural artist to paint an art car in their Franco-Indian Kwid

2.   Désordre: Sen’s “Désordre” installation art is considered an invention in the art world; he invites spectators to play with his painting to bring it to order. No other artist has ever done this...

3.   Gesturism Art: Sen has created a new painting style called Gestursim Art which has an ideology and manifesto. No Indian artist has done that till today.

Overcoming our indispensable slavery to digital technology’s virtual unreality especially in art, Gesturism is irregular deliberate strokes signifying unprompted, vibrant breathing, dynamic, unique ideology, endless purity, psychedelic waves, and shock of difference, fearless.


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