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The Ever Green Rain forests of Jog Falls are one of the untouched forests in The Western Ghats belt that offers the mesmerizing beauty in terms of lush green vegetation and some amazing wildlife! 


Sharavathi Rain Forest Expedition & Photography Workshop - 7


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About The Event

Sharavathi River Rain Forest Expedition

The Ever Green Rain forests of Jog Falls are one of the untouched forests in The Western Ghats belt that offers the mesmerizing beauty in terms of lush green vegetation and some amazing wildlife! 

The Beauty of Jog Falls Forests!!

As said above, its one of the untouched forests in the western ghats belt. During May end, with the initial rains it would be the best time to be there and enjoy, experience and photograph the real beauty. 

I have been visiting this place since more than 3 years or more than 15 to 20 times and it has never been deceiving to be there. The misty mornings, sunny afternoons and the cool evenings will give you more energy to be in the field and find the amazing species out there. 

What so special about this place?

I would say, everything about this place is so special. Waking up to the call of Malabar Whistling Thrush, seeing the Sun Rise through the tall trees of the Ghats, witnessing Malabar Giant Squirrels active on the trees, Birds like Malabar Parakeets, Rose Ringed Parakeets, Barbets Woodpeckers and Bee-Eaters, Horn-bills and what not!!! 

What can you see and shoot?

Here are the list of wildlife that I have come across in The Jog Falls Forest:

Snakes: Green Vine Snakes, Brown Vine Snakes, Beddome's Keelback,  Checkered Keelback, Cat Snake Species, Rat Snakes, Pit Vipers and more species and even a King Cobra if we are lucky.

Amphibians: Skittering frogs, Blue eyed bush frogs, bull frogs and yes, some species of Caecilians.

Birds: Malabar Parakeets, Rose Ringed Parakeets, Barbets, Kingfishers,  Woodpeckers and Bee-Eaters, Horn-bills, Whistling Thrush, huge Raptors and more.

Mammals: Jungle cats, Malabar Giant Squirrels, mouse deer, mongooses and Monitor Lizards.

Apart from the above beauties, you can also shoot the night sky, experiment with the light painting techniques and also shoot the beautiful landscapes.

Whats more Exciting about this place:

A Small hut in the midst of the Ever Green Rain Forests. Its surrounded with LIFE everywhere. As you trek into the untouched Rain Forests of the Sharavathi River Range, you witness a variety of dragonflies and damsel flies along with numerous kinds of spiders and insects.

A trek after the sun set and camp-fire along the dinner and an Information Exchange Session before hitting the bed will make the day complete.

What will you take back??


  1. A Genuine "Into The Wild" Experience.

  2. A wonderful time in the field/jungle searching for Reptiles and Amphibians

  3. A feel and touch of the Typical Malnad Region, lifestyle and food

  4. Tips and Tricks to shoot better with the minimum equipment

  5. Know more about Snakes/Amphibians - their behavior, habitat and shooting techniques and lot more...


Why this Camp?

This Camp is designed to give maximum insight on the above mentioned points. It's not just being way from city and traffic for 2 days, its all about being with the Nature and trying to understand her ways of life.

There will be some sessions/activities which will help you to blend with Mother Nature in a better Way.


We give utmost importance to safety and all activities are supervised by experienced members.


After the continuous success of the series of Sharavathi Rain Forest Photography Expeditions, here comes the Expedition 6.

If you love Nature and Rain Forest, Well, this is the place you have to be in - Sharavathi Rain forest. As you all are aware of it, this is a TOTAL WILD CAMP. Here are some basic details of the Expedition:

• We are staying in tents.
• No Toilet or Wash room – We will be using nature for the same.
• The place where we are going is a highly confidential place and the participants should maintain the confidentiality.
• It’s a place where we find Malabar Giant squirrels, a wide variety of Snakes and Frogs, some wonderful birds and lovely insects.
• It’s a Two day trip (Two Days and one night) where we will be exploring the forests by treks.
• We will be travelling by a A/C Tempo Traveller(TT)
• Last Date to confirm the participation and transfer the fees is on or before 1st December 2013
• Camp Fees: Rs: 4750 per head – fees includes transportation, food and accommodation(during the expedition on 6th and 7th December 2013 ) and the donation to the person in the Sharavathi Rain forest. 
• The main agenda of this camp would be: To know the ecology of and Life in a Rain forest, Herping (finding reptiles and amphibians) shooting birds and mammals.
• I am taking only 12 Participants. Bookings will be done on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.

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