Shadows of an Empire

Shadows of an Empire


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About The Event

The place where once precious stones were sold on the streets, today is a dusty town dotted with ruins of a glorious Empire that was wiped off the map in a single stroke of ruthlessness. 

An Empire that emerged amidst dark clouds and extended from coast to coast at its peak, led by a King who was an equal to Babar. A city which in the words of the famous Portuguese traveler, Domingo Paes, was “as large as Rome and very beautiful”, now reduced to a dispersed collection of rocks, is a dusty village by the name, Hampe.

The story of Vijayanagar is an intriguing saga of the rise and fall of one of the last indigenous dynasty of India. A story that attracts people from all walks of life, to walk around the ruins and admire its glory. These cut rocks attract the largest number of foreign tourists second to the marble cut mausoleum in Agra.

From visualizing a frame in a scene, to getting that particular photograph on the wall as a piece of art is the dream of any artist. Including me! But more than that, it is the story that each such frame tells. And when it is a string of such frames, then the story becomes interesting, inspite of being historical. 

Perched among the Tungabhadra rocks, drenched in the golden Sunset, it reminded me of the famous line, “the Sun never goes down on the …” It was so apt. Here was a mighty Empire on which the Sun had set while it was at its peak; just one stroke of brutal ruthlessness. A very intriguing story, indeed!

Presenting Shadows of an Empire.

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