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About The Event



ServiceNow Training  is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider of a enterprise Service Management. ServiceNow simulation is used globally to define, organise, and also mechanise the flow of work, removing dependencies on email & spread sheets to convert the delivery and the service management for the enterprise.


Section 1. Introduction


  • Introduction to service now instances & Process
  • SNC Navigations ,SNC Applications and Modules
  • Forms, Lists and Tables ,
  • Basic details such as Forms, List modification and administration
  • Personalizing Forms , Personalizing Lists and List controls
  • Creating new sections in forms
  • Introduction to Different types of Fields and dependent choice field creation


 Section 2.Database - Administration Introduction


  • Configuring USERS AND GROUPS AND ADMINISTRATION                                                            
  • Groups ,Roles-"Roles tagging to users and groups”
  • Application, Module and Administration creating and modifying applications and modules and other related activities of
  • Limiting access of Applications and modules to specific set of roles
  • Incident Management and Problem Management
  • Change Management and it’s workflows
  •  Change Management Different types of change requests and their significance


Section 3. Workflow


  • Risk Assessment Plugin activation-Servicenow training
  • Risk Questionnaires configuration and defining thresholds and conditions
  • Approvals debugging in workflows
  • Creating Dynamic approvals”
  • Service level management SLA definitions and triggering conditions
  • SLA schedules ,Excluding and Including holidays in Schedules
  • Retroactive start usage in SLA
  • SLA workflow and Notifications on breach”
  • Introduction to Items and Categories
  • Record Producers
  • Introduction to Variables and Variable Sets.


Section 4. Creating Workflow and Usages along with example


  • Associating workflows to Items
  • Email notification and events, Email notification creation(when to trigger, whom to trigger, What content to send)
  • Templates utilization in email notification
  • Events creation ,Email notification through events
  • Email notification in workflow via notification and events
  • Send to event creator usage
  • Email Inbound and Outbound server properties setting
  • Debugging mail sending issues”


Section 5. Transform and Data Load


  • Transform Mapping(Auto and Manual mapping)
  • Transform Scripts to restrict inserts and update
  • Data source creation (FTP,JDBC,LDAP,files like excel,csv)
  • Utilizing data source in Data loads
  • Scheduled Imports”
  • SCRIPTING Client Side scripting, Script Include
  • Client Scripts (Intro, How to write and use)
  • UI Policy (Intro, How to write and use) Server Side
  • Business Rules and Global Business Rules (Intro, How to write and use)


Section 5. Transform and Data Load


  • Creating Quick reports from lists
  • Creating Reports, Gauges and Homepages
  • Various types of reports and usage
  • Using Script Includes in reports
  • Scheduling reports
  • Report Administration”


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