Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi

Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi


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About The Event


Exhibition ‘Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi’ presents an archive of processes and experiments that began as public interventions in Mumbai. The art works presented at Exhibition ‘Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi’ elicits a question into our relationship with food, how the action and function of eating - feeding - gathering - nurturing may evoke and provoke nostalgia, memory. Can food really define us, our relations with others – whilst provoking human vulnerabilities? 


The artwork of seven artists will make you dwell deep in thoughts of your relationship with food. The artists are -   Jungjin Ahn, Shiv Ahuja, Kyungwoo Chun, Youngdon Jung, Chankyu Kim, Jaeyeon Kim and Taejun Yun.


This exhibition has 4 projects - tiffin boxes, plates, paper packets and leftover food, which invites and engages people to rethink about these items whose value is often ignored or taken for granted. 


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