Book Online Tickets for SEO Training in chennai , Chennai. Do you subcontract SEO or hire an costly SEO Specialist when you can learn and do it of yourself. Seo training chennai provides SEO training in Chennai and online. The SEO Training helps small business owners Web Masters, Web and Graphic Designers, I

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About The Event

Do you subcontract SEO or hire an costly SEO Specialist when you can learn and do it of yourself. Seo training chennai provides SEO training in Chennai and online. The SEO Training helps small business owners Web Masters, Web and Graphic Designers, Internet Marketing Managers, Business Development Executives to learn the essentials of SEO to increase the visibility of their business in the search engines. Once you join the SEO training, you will begin to learn seo through our SEO training sessions. These SEO training are step-by-step classes which teach you to create webpage’s and how to optimize it.


 Digital Marketing is the promoting of brands using all forms of digital advertising channels to reach consumers. This includesTelevisionRadioInternetmobile and any other form of digital media.

Digital Media Marketing and seo training Terms

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What is Digital media ?

Digital media are usually electronic media that work on digital codes. Computing is primarily based on the binary numeral system. Computers are machines that interpret binary digital data as information and thus represent the predominating class of digital information processing machines. Digital media like digital audio, digital video and other digital content can be created, referred to and distributed via digital information processing machines. Digital media represents a profound change from previous media. Digital data is independent of its interpretation . Florida's digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance Florida, defines digital media as "the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education".

Digital media marketing training AND SEO training course topics

  1. This session will set the scene for Digital Marketing, providing a context for its use in 'Business to Business' (B2B), 'Business to Consumer' (B2C), PR and communications.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

  3. What Makes a Good SEO?

  4. Writing for the Web What’s Required by an SEO

  5. When Starting an SEO Project? 

  6. Writing for Links Understanding Google’s Algorithm SEO Guide for Copywriters 

  7. Understanding Google’s Page Rank   Web Server, HTML Overview

  8. Understanding the Value of a Top Listing in search engines 

  9. Firefox SEO Plug-in 

  10. Targeting Keywords for Short and Long Tail 

  11. SEO Rankings Software

  12. Understanding User’s Search Intent Google Web Applications and Other SEO Tools

  13. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis 

  14. Goals and Objectives Setting

  15. Basics of HTML

  16. How to create a webpage & How to edit it , inserting links, images etc…

  17. Title Tags: Why they are the Most Important On-Page Element Understanding Search Volumes 

  18. Header Tags: H1 – H6 Tags Analysing Competition Meta Tags: Keywords and Description tags Benchmarking 

  19. Alt Tags and Filenames Mapping Keywords to Pages and Indentifying Content Gaps Keywords Emphasis and Frequency   URL Structure

  20. Knowing and Identifying Your Search Competitors 

  21. The Power of External Anchor Text Understanding Your Competitors USPs and Offering Understanding if a Link is Worthwhile Auditing Competitors SEO Standings 

  22. How to Request Inbound Links Discovering Gaps in the Market and Imitating Worthwhile SEO Tactics The Importance of Link Diversity and How to Get Varied Links  

  23.  How to Get 10 Types of Links   SEO Checklist   Google’s Guidelines on Paid Links and How Best to Buy Links

  24. What Makes a Site Search Engine Friendly?

  25.  Navigation Structure to Create Themes and Promote Important Pages 

  26. How Search Engines Crawl, Index & Rank The Power of Internal Anchor Text How to Get Crawled and Indexed In-Body Internal Links Sitemaps: XML and HTML Linking Out to Authority Sites

  27. Understanding the Number and Percentage of Pages on your Site that are Included in the Search Results   Understanding and Minimising Duplicate Content   Monitoring Search Robots and Understanding the Robots.txt file   Domain Strategy

  28. Successful Blogging Techniques

  29. Promoting your Content on Social Media/Networking/News Sites Understanding your Site’s Conversion Rate Socialising and Promoting with Twitter / Facebook etc… 

  30. Tracking Actions and Conversions   Optimising Landing Pages Based on Conversion Data




  34. Google Ad sense





List of Companies / Agencies that hires trained Digital Media Marketing professionals:

  • News Media & Digital Media Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • E-Business & E-Commerce Companies
  • Companies providing Online Marketing related Products and Services
  • Corporate Employers recruiting for In-House Online Marketing related jobs
  • Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firms

About Seo training @ IMS

  • For last 6 years, we have been actively involved in research & development, SEO training in Digital Media Marketing.
  • We are one of the first to offer digital media education & seo training to students and individuals in India.

Participated people

  • Web Masters, Web and Graphic Designers
  • Internet Marketing Managers, Business Development Executives
  • Entrepreneurs, Marketing - Sales proffesionals , Freshers completed UG and PG ,

Digital Media Marketing programme

  • Course Duration: 15 Days, 1 Month-----Training will be provided untill you become Digital Media Marketing Specialist......
  • Courses Included: SEO, SEM, Google webmasters tool, Google adsense, PPC, Social Media, and Google Analytics.
  • Course Depth: Advanced
  • Domain, Hosting and Guidance: Available
  • Qualification anr Pre Request : Passion to online industry, Browsing , fast in internet , MS office, Good English.
  • Dont have above dont worry we will coach you....
    SEO Specialist Program
    Digital Media Marketing Program
    40 Hrs Interactive Class Room Sessions + Live Online SEO Projects
    80 Hrs Class Room Sessions + Live Projcets
    40 Hrs, 15 Days (2-Max 3 Hrs / Day )
    80 Hrs, 30 Days (2-Max 3Hrs / Day)
    10 AM TO 9 PM ( Week Days ) 
    10 AM TO 9 PM ( WeekEnds )
    10 AM TO 9 PM ( Week Days ) 
    10 AM TO 9 PM ( WeekEnds )

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